Phase shifting smegger!

"ok, this time, its gonna be over quickly" he said, anger flowing
him, he got up, smelling of Ur'Undies. He jumped forwards, his Sword
glowing like it should have done last time he fought one of these,
The blade
shot straight into its side, crackling with energy as Jack filled the
full of his KI energy that he only had because he was on this
<end clip>
The scorpion powerd down awkwardly.
Keats/Jacks persona glared at Jack. It was unfair, Jack had been
dead, and hed been given a body, it... just wasnt RIGHT for Jack to
still be alive..
'Jack... its... so good to see you...'
'Feelings mutual bro, but, i got better things to do right now!'
'Infact, its so good to see you, padre, that i have a few things to
Jacks keen senses picked up the sound of The Gun(TM) being raised.
'Keats... man?! What the HELL are you doing!'
Jack grasped his sword.
'The Gun(TM) will never fire on me. I made it... well, a while back'
Jack had made The Gun(TM) when he was more than JUST Jack, However,
after his ressurection by Phoenix Fire, hed been more buffed
physically, but as a flip side, his IQ was lowerd to about the same
as your average boot scraping.
'Oh, yes... The Gun(TM) wont fire on you, but, you may know or not
know that it runs an AI. This AI, to learn, must be integratable,
therefore, i took the pleasure of downloading part of my persona into
it, therefore, it is, lacking a better word. Me.'
'You bastard Keats... who are you? A Cybrid?'
Keats body mused the word. The Cybrif retrieval programs were
experiments to bring back a person through cloning, Nanotechnology
and The personality and memories extracted from DNA. It had been used
to try and ressurect great artists. So far, the only one that
survived the process flipped out and commited suicide 5 minutes after
'Nothing so glamerous. I am You.'
'Wha? The hell with this, HAVE IT!
Jack Lunged. Dante Dived at Keats who at the precise same nanosecond,
pulled the trigger. The CPB hit Jacks left shoulder, bypassed the
Polarisation cells, and knocked him sideways. But didnt stop him.
'JACK! Enough! This is NOT Keats. Its.. someone else in him, he said
he was a persona of yours, i think he said it wa...'
Keats hit Dante with the butt of The Gun(TM). Dante slumped to the
floor. As he looked back up towards Jack, he was kicked sharply in
the gut, doubling him over.
'This is for your own good buddy'
Keats slumped down next to Dante.
'Right... time to face this thing!'
The Scorpion crackled back into life, finding new energy where once
it was lost.
'You are gonna REALLY feel this one tomorrow!'
He ran at it, jumped and inserted the Sword into the space where the
Scorpion had occupied moments earlier.
<Scorpion Vision>
///Possible target spotted;
Engage with caution\\\
///Statistical Readout Follows;
Muscle Capacity: 215
Speed Capacity: 264.37
Endurance Capacity: 509
Caution rating: 12%
Engage with moderate caution;
Advise Phase shifting;
Clearance codes follow\\\
///Clearance Accepted;
Code accepted;
Phase Shifting;
Time to 33% standard\\\
<Back to Jack>
Jack could feel Antrophopic waves coming from The scorpion. It was if
it could control time itself...
'The hell happend then!'
He swiped again, and once again, it dissipated, this time, behind
him. It struck. Jack Full Combat Int-Armour absorbed the worst of the
blow, Med Scans were administrating Painkillers, UltraMorph and
Adrenaline sunbstitutes.
'Armour damage. Polarisation cells from 45.67THZ to 65.834THZ damaged'
'Shit.. How can i beat this thing. It knows the moves il do before
***I*** do...'
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