The power of Plebe's moon

who: Jack, Keats/Jack, Dante
where: the swamp of Ur'Undies
When: just after seymour had dropped the Keats and Dante.
He swiped again, and once again, it dissipated, this time, behind
him. It struck. Jack Full Combat Int-Armour absorbed the worst of the
blow, Med Scans were administrating Painkillers, UltraMorph and
Adrenaline sunbstitutes.
'Armour damage. Polarisation cells from 45.67THZ to 65.834THZ damaged'
'Shit.. How can i beat this thing. It knows the moves il do before
***I*** do...'
<end snip>
"ok, i'm gonna need all the speed i can" Jack began to take his outer
clothing off, leaving just his Int armour suit, filling the contours nicely,
luckily, both Keats and Dante were unconcious, so they couldn't see anything
going on, Int armour didn't really leave anything to the imagination...
Jack could now move alot more easily, he held his sword in one hand, looking
straight at the scorpion, he vaulted from his position directly to it.
The scorpions scanners changed their tune
///Statistical Readout Follows;
Muscle Capacity: 215
Speed Capacity: 300>
Endurance Capacity: 509
Caution rating: 25%
Jacks power had just kicked in, increasing his speed, His hair again shot
into the air, and turned a nice golden yellow, unfortunately, the scorpions
scanners couldn't read higher than 300 on speed...
If it could, it would be reading about 7000...
In the time it took for the scorpion to scan Jack, he had appeared right in
front of it, The phase pack on the scorpion fizzled into life just in time.
Tje laser edged sword was mere milimetres away from catching the CPU
///System analysis;
Sensors: active
Tail:inactive - Error in wiring... not responding... attempting to restart
Claws: Active
///initiating Grappler Combat mode...
The scorpions legs dissapeared inbto its belly, rockets replaced it, which
fired, giving the Scorpion flying abilities. The tail folded down onto its
back, all power flowed into the claws. The rockets burst into life, and the
metal monster flew into the air. Jack followed into the upper reaches of
Ur'Undies, The two hit into each other, bounced back, then flew together
again, energy flying from Jack, as he put his KI into the blade, giving him
that little advantage.
///Threat assessment Update
Muscle capacity: 412
Speed capacity: unknown - sensor malfunction
Jacks sword had been forced into the machines skull, wrenching it from his
hand, Jack was weaponless, and the scorpion had two huge claws, powerful
enough to wrench through the armour plating on the dwarf.
The beast charged, Jack blasted it with energy beam after energy beam, but
its quick-silver like armour was deflecting them. The claw opened,
swallowing Jack, His huge biceps caught by the blades of the scorpion. The
only thing keeping him alive was his Energy thanks to the Moon's powers.
Jack was screaming in pain, Even though the gun didn't really like to do
this, it was searching frantically for a francium deposit.
"ok, i'm gonna have to do this" Jack said to himself, powering up to his
maximum, he still couldn't break out, but he could get his hands together in
front of himself.
"Kame.....Hame.....HAAAAAA!!!" he shouted, the beam erupted from his hands
and into the joint on the claw, It flew inside and caught the Phase shifter
dead on.
///Initiate Phase Shift...
Phase shift failure - Safety feature initiated - t-minus 10 seconds
The Monster Started glowing, still hovering and holding Jack, who could feel
KI energy inside the monster, energy that wasn't from his blast.
"nooooooooooooooooo!!!" he shouted as he tried to break free from his metal
prison, forcing his arms apart, trying to get out. It wasn't happening.
Below, Dante had just regained conciousness, and had his rifle up aiming
directly at the joint of the Claw holding Jack
t-minus 2 seconds
*Bang*, Dante pulled the trigger.
The slug bounced harmlessly off of the carapace, but the claws grip loosened
enough for Jack to escape, he flew down to his two friends, grabbing them
and flying back to the trap door seymour had inadvertently dropped the two
down. They broke through just in time for all of the Scorpions ammo to be
released in their direction, and the self destruct sub-routine to be
executed, blowing the swamp sky high.
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