The Return of the Smith

What he in fact saw was much much worse. A gun toting hostile alien, he
could probably just about cope with, a giant man eating gelf even, but what
he saw staring back at him was in fact Doctor Keto. John Smith didn’t know
who Keto was, he had never met him, or even heard the name before but
somehow, and possibly fuelled by his chronic paranoia he had an overwhelming
sense of evil. Not just evil but
EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil… he felt like he had looked
into the eyes of the devil himself. John said nothing, just whimpered and
slipped into unconciousness.
<end snip>
Smith awoke (amazingly) in yet another pile of rubble. With the
determination to remain conscious for over five minutes, he began to sit up.
It struck him as ominous that the air was filled with the sounds of
exploding Generic Plebians and the acrid stench of ozone and melted skin.
Were was he anyway? This question caused an overwhelming sense of deja vu,
so Smith decided to ignore it.
Wherever he was, it didnt seem to be very pleasant. Smith tried to escape
into the inner recesses of his mind (a technique he often pretended had been
taught to him by a martial arts master but had really been pieced together
from vulcan stuff ripped off from Star Trek movies).
He had just arrived in his Happy Place (a lead-lined bomb shelter in an
uncharted galaxy) when he began to think back and try to recall any memories
that might provide him with the answer he saught.
With a "woosh" sound, the image of Keto's glaring face apeared in from of
Smith, ala "Wizard of Oz".
Smith's eyes flew open with the realization that he had come face to face
with the very man whose existance he had dedicated his life to exposing.
There was really only one logical explination for it really: Big Brother had
taken human form and wiped his memory of the event!
Smith stood up sharply. Unfortunately, this knocked off a rather large
fragment of the castle wall and sent it tumbling down towards the hapless
paranoid delusional.
Smith looked up just in time to scream. This turned out to be a good thing,
because instantly there was an oddly familiar set of Highlander-Esque
lightming effects and the boulder vanished completely.
John breathed a sigh of relief.
A little ways away, a large boulder materialized just above a certain metal
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