the end of the begining of the middle

Who : EP and Phil    , etc
Where : Outside the castle
When whilst seyomour and go are messing about in ur-undies
"ooho yoo hooo..."
Jay turned round. So did did Tar, who was about to give Phil a big telling off.
Sadly there was one problem with this idea.
Phil was standing next to her. But he was also in front on some hideous beast creature.
"Ermm..sweetheart.." asked Tar of he husbnd.
"Yes dearest?"
"Can you consult that little book of yours..the one thats says about future events etc...look up if you get caught in any kind of tmporal anomly..."
Phil started flicking through the data pad.
"Lets see...Today you will have to fight your evil doppleganger.."
"Unueually direct this time" remarked Jay
"Yup..I think we're gonna need some re-informents.."
"Is it me or are his eyes black?"
"Thought so...It's Evil Phil.."
OOc : This is the final battle...storm the cstle, wreck the place and gernlly cause mayhem!..just EP must not die.

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