Sniper in the Bell Tower

Below, Dante had just regained consciousness, and had his rifle up aiming
directly at the joint of the Claw holding Jack
t-minus 2 seconds///
*Bang*, Dante pulled the trigger.
The slug bounced harmlessly off of the carapace, but the claws grip loosened
enough for Jack to escape, he flew down to his two friends, grabbing them
and flying back to the trap door Seymour had inadvertently dropped the two
down. They broke through just in time for all of the Scorpions ammo to be
released in their direction, and the self-destruct sub-routine to be
executed, blowing the swamp sky high.
<End Clip>
Who: Dante, Keats/Jack, Seymour and Jack.
Where: In the Throne Room.
When: After the explosion.
Dante looked down at his rifle, all day he had been firing the High Impact
Quasar Pulses, but just now either it was a dud or someone was messing with
his ammo, Charlie.
Jack stuck his head down the hole, “Looks like a rather big boulder landed
on the scorpion just after I finished him off. Erm.” Jack shrugged it off.
Seymour was staring in disbelieve. Half an hour ago Jack was scattered
across the training area now he was in one piece right in front of him.
“Keats wake up buddy,” said Dante nudging Keats/Jack with his foot.
“No Mummy I don’t want to go to school the other kids bully me.”
“WAKE UP KEATS.” Dante raised his voice and gave Keats/Jack a harder nudge
with his foot.
“It’s just cold in this sauna baby, that’s all.”
“KEATS FOR SMEG SAKE WAKE UP!!!!” Dante nigh on booted Keats/Jack in the
side of the head.
“Hey? What? Who Said That?” Keats/Jack sat bolt up right.
Dante walked over to a window and looked out. Chaos rained, there were
wraiths charging, heads flying, flames burning. And Alota looked like she
was shouting at Jay about money. “Hey Jack have a look at this, mate.”
“What is it? Holy smeg.” Keats/Jack stumbled over to join the fun and slid
down the wall next to the window. Dante reached down and heaved him up so he
could look out. Keats/Jack snapped out of his daze almost instantly. “Right
we need to formulate a plan. I think…”
“What who put you in charge, and who are you?” Snapped Jack.
“I am you, I am Brigadier Jack…”
“Smeg! Why are you in Keats’s body then?” interrupted Dante.
“Well…” Keats was interrupted by Dean’s head hitting the near by window.
“Looks like he’s had his tongue pierced!” Laughed Dante, he stepped closer
to the window and saw Jay fly across the field. Dante but the butt of his
home made rifle through the window, Dante then turned on the other three.
Seymour was sitting un-normally silent, sitting on the throne. While Jack
and Jack argued about how had the right to Keats body. “Will you two quit it
and go down there and help out.” Dante changed magazines and flicked a
switch and up popped a scope. Dante rested his cheek on the guard and fired
a blue plasma pulse at two wraiths that were playing polo with Dean’s head.
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