(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'Shut down'

(We now have two ways of Harris and Smegg escaping from the cell,
confusing isn't it.)
C Deck
1256 hours
Harris groaned as he got up and he rubbed the back of his head where
it felt like it had been hit by a cargo hauler. His ribs were now
screaming bloody murder and his left arm felt no better, at this rate
the broken bones would never heal.
"Idiot!" Harris muttered to himself. Fair fight with a mercenary,
ha, he never make that mistake again.
Jill appeared on screen and told the Major. "Download me to the
"What?" Harris groaned as his head continued to ring.
"Just do it!" Jill snapped at him.
Harris did as she said, pressing the button on the side of his watch
and Jill was downloaded onto the watch.
All of a sudden the dull red lights went out for a second and then
came back on again. Then Psycho Bob appeared on screen and he
boomed. "I now have control of the ship. Unless the Captain and
First Officer surrenders themselves in twenty minutes, I will destroy
the ship!"
"Oh, shit!" Harris commented.

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