Return of the Sword obsessed nutter

Who: Keats, Amber, Jack
Where: The Sea of Dirac
When: Outside of the usual space time continum so time is kinda irrelevant at the moment
---- Snip ----
"What if that IS the original?" Amber said, wishing the 'invading organizms' would just go away.
"Then were screwed"
"Oh good. I'm gonna die." Amber said, vomiting on the floor.
---- End Snip ----
Johns eyes watered at the smell. It was one of the things about vomitting, it was contagious, it was all he could do to keep his own stomach contents settled.
"Hey, no ones gonna die, except possibly Jack if we dont find him, we need to find the communications array, there has to be one around, we can use it to track Jacks frequency" Amber shook her head.
"Why do we need to do that? He's floating in a lake outside the entrance to the building." She said wiping her mouth on a tissue.
"Whaa? where? Why didnt you tell me?"
"Never asked"
"!" Keats actually managed to pronounce an expression mark.
"I dunno. I just know." She swallowd bile and glanced up at John.
"Right, well, first things first, im gonna drag him outta that ditch, you dont have to come if you dont want, if you need me, im on the usual frequency" He started towards the door,
"Wait." Amber called out, using the wall to help her stand up. "I came here to help you. So i'm coming along with you."
"Just like old times, eh?" They headed out through the door, and looked around for any rampaging robots, they had all seemed to of dispersed for now. They headed to the lake.
"It's too quiet." Said Amber holding onto Keats arm as much for comfort than stability. John had noticed it to. It was painfully quite, no whirring of robots, no tweating of birds, hell, even the air stood still. He ruffled his brow held onto Amber as best he could, they staggerd towards the lake side. Jack was floating face down in the lake, every so often a bubble would break the surface of the water.
"Is he dead?" Amber asked no one in particular.
"i'll find out." Keats knelt down next to Jack, and whisperd "I sold your sword collection for a crate of non-alcoholic beer!" He was still for a moment. Then suddenly he literraly rose off the lake and had his hands round Keats neck.
"I KILL YOU!!! AHHH! DIE DIE DIE!! DI... oh, its you Keats..." Jack let go, and Keats fell sideways into Amber and gurgled. Amber managed a giggle before she fell over as Keats stumbed into her.
"Ouchies." She said. Jack stood up, blinked, and looked at Keats expectantly
"Your swords inside, i retrieved it after that robot got you"
"I tell you, there were ten... no, thirty of em!" Jack said in self defence. Keats rolled his eyes, his friend always did have a blank spot for numbers.
"Actually it was more like fifty, anyway, we took a few down, theres one whos a bit... special, anyway, we have some help!" Keats pointed towards Amber who was sprawled out next to him. Jack eyed Amber suspiciously.
"Help? how'd she get here anyway?"
"Severn gave her some nanos, thats why shes a bit... disorientated, anyway, that doesnt matter, shes here, thats all we need to know, lets get back inside before those metalic freaks route over another attack!" Amber got shakily to her feet.
"How long am I gonna feel like this?" she said leaning on Keats again.
"Well, it took me 3 days of bed-rest until my body sorted itself out, as your a bit.... special, i dunno, could be more, could be less, depends how long it takes for it to attach. Did he inject in your arm or neck?" Amber prodded her arm. "Ok, might be a bit longer. Dont worry, it gets better before long!" This wasnt quite true. Keats had fallen unconcious after the first day and slept it off. Amber was too ill to notice the lie in his eyes so just nodded. The trio walked in silence for a while, dead silance. They were inside the building again before Amber broke the silence. Testing out the nanos she said on John's fequancy
+Sorry i'm not much help+ Keats was suprised at Ambers quick mastery of Nanos. It had taken him a month. He replied over his own sub-vocalism.
+No worries, just nice to spend some time together where Phil cant spy on us+ Keats instictivly looked over his shoulder at the thought of Phil. Amber managed a small laugh when Keats looked over his shoulder.
"It's so weird being able to do that. I feel kinda odd that no one else can you know?" Closing his eyes, Keats responded. '
+Its well worth the initial pain, tho, it tires you out after a while+ John opend his eyes and this time, speaking he said,
"Right, lets find some way of stopping these guys and fixing The Guns(TM) input/output" Amber grimaced as another wave of nausea gripped her. She stopped and turned around.
"Excuse me for a moment." She said before decorating the floor for the second time. Keats subvocalised to Jack
+Kinda a feedback error on the nanos+ Jack span round, and in plain speak shouted "What? oh, yes, ahhh, my pretty, there you are!" Jack picked up the sword easily, and swang it around. Keats ducked instinctivly, and went to comfort Amber.
"I'm fine." she lied. "You said it yourself, it passes." Right now all she wanted, was to go home and see her mum.
"Ok, this place is home to the ISIS research team. Probably the best physicists this side of Jupiter, they gotta have something around, Jack, take a look at that sign" Jack idled off to a sign, stared at it, and tore it off the wall.
"What does that word say?" Keats groaned.
"Just like old times" he mutterd. Amber was oblivious to this conversation, she felt dizzy and hot and there was this really odd feadback noise in her ears.
"Whats that sound?" She asked.
"Want the sugared version or the truth?"
"Thats the sound of your cerebelum screaming as millions of nanometronical robots attach themselves to various parts of your brain and organs" Amber went from green to white. "Dont worry, its harmless"
"But it's so loud" She groaned.
"Odd, it was more high pitched than loud for me. No worries though, remember, its safe, me, Jack and Severn all had it, and were normal!" Amber was silent for a second, John's reasurance wasnt as conforting as he hoped.
"Yea, so where are we going? and how do we get there?" Amber asked trying to ignore the feedback.
"Well, according to this sign, the 'secret weapons testing area' is on sub basement 2, next to the coffee bar" Keats sighed, the thing about geniuses was they wernt gifted in the common sense area.
"So what are we waiting for? Lets go. I wanna go home and die or something." Amber said calmly. Keats glanced back at his little crew. Yep, together they had topick the brains of the finest scientists the system had to offer to beat an unstoppable enemy, and he was hungry. The hunted out a set of stairs, and headed down.<Tag>This JP was brought to you by:
yea you guessed ...
Becca (Amber)and
Tony (Keats) (again)

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