Ethical Piloting

Dean looked again, there WAS something different, Patrick, was smiling. He reached deep into his pockets and pulled out his wallet, forcing the pouch stuffed full of ill-gotten gains through the tight fabric of his trouser pocket, he opened it, and took a handful of cash. “hmm..” he said “I wonder if there’s a worthy cause I could donate this too….”
“Jay” said Dean “You’re a genius…”
"So, what you got him doing?" asked Jay. He looked at the security camera, but all he could see was Cerebrum leaning over a ledge and scribbling.
"Just wait." said Dean, with infinite patience. "But I think you might want to buy me a drink after this."
"It'd better be good." said Jay.
"It is."
Cerebrum turned round. Jay zoomed the camera in on the piece of paper he was holding.
"Dean.""Uh-huh?""Is that a cheque for both the medical, psychiatric and piloting budgets?"
"Yup. Made out to the navigation department."
"I'll get you a drink."
"Thank you."
Jay stopped, and watched as he saw Cerebrum put the cheque into a machine which the BD had for the express purpose of transferring cheques without the need for banks.
"Yes?" said Dean, calling up the navigation budget on the screen and revelling in it.
"We can't do this. If we do it, we're as bad as he is."
"Smegging hell Jay! Don't go all philosophical on me!"
"No, give medical and psychiatric back their budgets.""Duude!"
"That's an order."
"Can I suggest one change?"
"What?" asked Jay
"How about We accidentally donate Cerebrum's salary to charity? That'll teach him."
"I like it." said Jay, after some thought. "Do it to Keto's too."
"Way ahead of you." said Dean, typing in the commands to Cerebrum as he said so.
Dean "Smeg. All Ethical now." Thomas

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