Re: **SOTM March 2004**

> Okay, so: without further ado, the winner of Simmer of the Month
> March 2004 is...
> *drum roll*
> Johnathon Frederick Keats and Amber Cleavage-FeBuggure!
Yay!! Go Us!
> So, you two, now you're the ones who have to keep an eye on the
> rather than doing coursework etc. ;) Good luck!
Thank You Chris! :hug: :boogie: :w00t: :dance: :clap: (hee hee
hee insert devart emoticons here)
Wow, i wasn't expecting this, now excuse me whilst I go off and revel
in my... sorry *glances at Tony*, our glory. ;)
Couldn'ta done it without you dude! :hug:

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