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>Couldn'ta done it without you dude! :hug:
Course you could Tony’s a moron! ;)
I got a cupla ‘awards’ so to speak today
in fact, got the highest score ever on the Claims department staff assessment exam
at work, losing only half a point in 100 questions, I thank you..AND at the samt
time, broke the record for being late…5 hours late..thank you very much..
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**SOTM March 2004**
> Okay, so: without further ado, the winner of
Simmer of the Month for > March 2004 is...> > *drum roll*> > Johnathon Frederick Keats and Amber
Cleavage-FeBuggure!Yay!! Go Us!> So, you two, now you're the ones who have to
keep an eye on the posts > rather than doing coursework etc. 
;)  Good luck!Thank You Chris!  :hug:  :boogie: 
:w00t: :dance:  :clap:  (hee hee hee insert devart emoticons here)Wow, i wasn't expecting this, now excuse me whilst
I go off and revel in my... sorry *glances at Tony*, our glory. ;)Couldn'ta done it without you dude! :hug:...Protecting
the universe from the scum of the the Blue Dwarf guide to the galaxy!Your
number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related!

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