Re: **SOTM March 2004**

well done you two! I've also enjoyed reading your posts, keep them
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> *JHXMT stumbles onto the spotlight stage, looking very dishevelled*
> Ahem. Hola! Midway through writing an excruciatingly painful
> I realised that it was the first of April, and so decided to come
> here and post the latest SoTM award rather than finishing it!
> However, I've decided there isn't one! Bye!
> ...
> (Oh come on, it's the first of April, I had to!)
> Okay, so: without further ado, the winner of Simmer of the Month
> March 2004 is...
> *drum roll*
> Johnathon Frederick Keats and Amber Cleavage-FeBuggure!
> Yes, I had to award a joint SoTM award, simply because the whole
> going on between these two has given rise to a nice series of
> that are highly enjoyable to read.
> Having said that, there were a lot of good posts this last month
> I admit that I had to trawl back over them to try and make this
> decision.
> So, you two, now you're the ones who have to keep an eye on the
> rather than doing coursework etc. ;) Good luck!
> *stumbles off the stage and is immediately swamped with paper*
> - Chris (JHXMT)

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