Niples "Can't miss the Grand National!"

Seymour Niples
Blue Dwarf Flightdeck departure lounge
Seymoue was sat impatiently waiting in the departure lounge. He
Fustratedly threw down the magazine he was reading and walked up to
the woman at the departure counter again.
"Listen Madam, I used to be Captain of this ship, making me wait
here is an insult! I should just be able to walk in and fly off in a
shuttle if I want to!"
"Sorry Sir, no civilians are allowed into the flight deck without a
qualified member of the navigation department."
"But every one is busy! Look, theres a large radiactive moon between
us and Earth blocking out all television signals. All I want to do
is fly a shuttle around the moon to watch the Grand National
broadcast from Earth to ensure my horse has won. Besides, one of the
ships in there, the Space Eagle is mine, why can't I fly it?"
"The Space Eagle is owned by the JMC sir, on extended loan from the
Space Core Military" Said the woman matter-of factly.
"But I was the one who got them to loan us it... " Seymour sighed
loudly. "I used to be Captain of this..."
"Yes sir, you already mentioned." said the woman but didn't budge.
Seymour sighed loudly again. "I'm a Royal Amb-"
"Yes sir, I know! Everyone in earshot know that, and probably
everyone you ever met, or never met as you seem to delight in
telling everyone!" The woman said angrily. "But it makes no
difference! No civillians past this point, Royal Ambassadors or not!"
Seymour scowled, then thought for a second. "What if the Queen
herself were to ask..." He picked out his mobile phone and dialled.
"Hello.... who is that? Lord Landbourne? Isn't this the line to the
Queen's personal bedchamber? Yes? Then what are you doing... oh.. oh
terribly sorry! Wait a minute.. who is that in the background....
the Duke of Worcester as well?! Oh Dear God!"
Seymour hung up embarassed. The woman at the counter was looking at
him with a slight smirk. "Erm... Royal business..." Seymour said
pointing to his phone, and sat down again.
The woman checked a computer screen. "Actually sir, we do have a
pilot just requesting launch. You could join him?"
"Fantastic! Who is it?"
"Callum Kochanski sir."
"Oh no.... that little annoying Scottish pikey?"
"Callum is a fully qualified Flight Engineer sir. If you don't want
to fly with him I will grant his request to depart immediately."
"No, no, i'll take it." Seymour sighed and entered the Flight Deck
to find Callum's shuttle.
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