**Action** Invasion pt2

[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] **Action** by Harris and Niples
Invasion part 2
<<Another quite long post, I suggest printing it out :-)>>Blue DwarfOutside engineering deck1300 hours"What the hell are you thinking?!" Nester snapped at Psycho Bob. "You are going to get us all killed!""Your bluffing." Bob said calmly."With the casualties that you have suffered you are left with a mere eight hired goons." Psycho Bob explained. "The Captain may be a idiot but the First Officer isn't, nor is the Security Chief. They will not allow the people aboard this ship to die so they have no choice but surrender the Captain and First Officer.""And what if they don't?!" Nester snapped as he began to pace from side to side like a caged animal."They will surrender." Psycho Bob said."You vetter ve right!" Nester commented."Where's that mole gone?" Bob enquired. "He was supposed to help secure engineering!"**********************
Drive deck1305 hoursHarris stumbled into the drive room as the room began to spin and that annoying buzzing was starting to get louder. Seeing that Nipels was gone he snarled at Lloyd. "Where's Nipels?!""He's in the Leisure and fitness facility with some of the civilians." The communications officer told Harris.Lloyd shot over to Harris and caught him as he was about to feint and she groaned. "Boy, you're heavy Gov."Lloyd then helped settle the Major into an empty chair."Contact . contact Nipels." Harris ordered."Yes sir." The communications officer replied."Nipels here. What's going on?" Nipels said over the Com."The computer virus ‘Psycho Bob’ has managed to delete most of the computer personalities and gained direct control. We managed to download Holly in time but we have no control over the ship." Lloyd answered.'No wonder Jill wanted to be downloaded into the watch.' Harris throught to himself. 'Otherwise she would have been deleted.'"Including the self-destruct." Sighed Nipels. "What do we do?"Lloyd looked over at Harris and he seemed out of his senses. Then she said over the Com. "I think I can disarm the bomb but I will need time. We need to stall for time somehow!""Contact Bob." Nipels ordered. "Tell him we'll surrender but we need more time!""Will do, gov." Lloyd replied. "Drive room to Medic bay. We need a doctor up here!"******************************************
Leisure and fitness facility"You going to do what?!" Smegg sounding surprised."Do you want to die, Lt?" Nipels asked."No, Sir." Smegg answered."We are not going to surrender." Nipels told the Lt. "Just make them think we are so that we buy some more time for Lloyd to defuse the self-destruct bomb. Now, we need a plan and we need it quick!"*********************************

Outside engineering deck"They're up to something!" Nester said. "Surrendering so quickly!""They want more time." Psycho Bob said. "They calm they are having trouble getting the Captain to leave his office.""The man's a coward." Bob commented. "But he would never surrender, they want more time to disarm the self-destruct and must have put together a plan to rescue the Captain and First Officer the first chance they get.""Wha da we do?" One of the goons asked, scratching his head. There was actually nothing inside of his head, so it was really pointless him having one. It just gave him something to scratch I suppose."We catch them in the act." Bob told the others.*********************************
Self-destruct bomb chamber1310Lloyd groaned as she finally finished crawling through the access vents and dropped into the chamber. She was then surprised to what she saw."Lloyd to Nipels." Lloyd said over the Com."Nipels here." Was replied."I'm in the Self-destruct chamber." Lloyd told the Commander."Can you defuse the bomb?" Nipels enquired."I don't have to." Lloyd answered. "I'm watching it being taken apart by rats!""Rats?!""Yep, rats. I think that the Captain's rat is smarter then we give it credit for."
In fact the Captains rat was probably the most intelligent life form on the ship, well second most intelligent really. One crew member had actually smuggled a cat aboard but cats aren’t officially classed as intelligent because they can’t be arsed.
The Captain’s rat, Bobo by name had organised the ships rat population into devoted workers. Each now wore a protective helmet and greasy trousers. After they finished disarming the bomb they all made a short salute to Lloyd who stood there in bewilderment. After they scuttled off, she crawled back into the air vent and feinted.
Drive room
Commander Niples and Lt. Smegg walked into the drive room, a bit filthy after crawling along the floor, shooting goons and being chased by robots- but nevertheless, they were alive.
They slung their guns over their shoulders and talked to the crew of the drive room.
"Have we got control of the ship back yet?" asked Niples.
"Not yet sir."
"Let me talk to this Bob fellow, I want to meet him."
They arranged to meet Bob in cargo bay 1 to discuss surrendering the ship, but Niples had no intention of surrendering. He was going to get them off this ship if it killed him.
Jason Smegg looked at the computer, "If we could only delete the Psycho Bob program we could retake all of our systems, we could then vent gas into the cargo bay where Bob’s troops are…"
"Thus forcing them off the ship." Finished Niples. "What gas should we use?"
"Laughing gas."
"Nah, they could still be dangerous when hysterical."
"Methane from waste extraction!" shouted Niples excitedly, they all cheered. That would definitely make the invaders want to leave!
Inside Cargo bay 1
All eight remaining goons, Nester and Bob were ready for the meeting to discuss the surrender of the ship.
"Where are they" asked Nester. "maybe it’s a trap"
"how could it be a trap?" replied Bob, we’ve got control of the ships computers. We would know if they were planning anything."
Not too far away the rat "Bobo" was working on rewiring the computer. A few well-places nibbles and bites and the computer screen which showed the nefarious face of the Psycho Bob rogue computer program faded.
"I’m…….dying……….." screeched Bob from his stereo microphones.
Bob Harris and his sidekick Nester watched helplessly as the program crashed. "No, we need you to control the ship, dammit!"
The screen went blank and was replaced by a blue screen with a Microsoft error message saying "Error in system folder Unix 33363900000000000"
"Now what are we going to do?!" panicked Nester. "They’ve got control of the ship again!"
"Its ok" said Bob "We can still blow up the ship using this remote control trigger. I locked the controls out from the main system in case this happened."
That was when Major Harris walked into the cargo bay, his gun leveled. Bob pulled his gun out and aimed it at his brothers head.
"Nice to see you again brother- I hope you’re feeling a bit better."
Major Harris rubbed his head where he had been hit before. "Not too bad." He said. He then looked at the error message on the computer screen. "It looks like you’re having a few problems."
"nothing we cant handle" said Bob, still hoding his gun to Harris’ face, Harris was doing the same.
Nester sniffed the air "Whats that smell?"
Bob could smell it too. "Methane gas, they’re trying to drive us out."
Harris’ face was like granite.
The other goons couldn’t stand the smell so ran away, leaving only Bob, Nester and Major Harris in the cargo bay.
The invaders had initially come aboard in two shuttles. The fleeing goons all climbed aboard one shuttle and took off, headed straight back to their mothership- the "Black Nova".
If you’re wondering what happened to the bomb that the rats disassembled, they took the pieces to the docking bay and reassembled it on one of the shuttles that the invaders came on. This shuttle was now the one that was hurtling back towards the mothership, the goons didn’t even know it was there.
When the shuttle got back to the Black Nova, the bomb remained in the ship- waiting to be triggered by the remote control device that Bob was holding.
Meanwhile in cargo bay 1 the gas was pouring in, it was getting difficult to see now because of all the methane gas.
Bob decided this would be the best time to make his escape, while Harris couldn’t see him. He and Nester ran out of the Cargo bay and made their was to their shuttle. Harris heard them leave and ran after them, but it was too late- they had already flown off and were on their way back to the mothership.

Inside the shuttle
Nester and Bob laughed evilly about what they had accomplished. Bob held up the remote control device for the Blue Dwarf self-destruct mechanism and pressed the button. Expecting an explosion from behind him, he was surprised when the Blue Dwarf didn’t blow up. Instead his own ship the Black Nova erupted into flames in front of him.
"Oh shit!" he cried. "That was my ship!"
<<Ok everyone, this storyline is finished. Could you all write what you were doing while all this madness is going on. Thanks>>
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