I find your lack of beer disturbing

Dean had not long left. Jay and crew were in position.
"Yes..you can be Darth Maul...and NO you dont get a lightsaber..."
The Deathstar had been moved to behind the moon, so as to provide cover. Also as well there was a distubing rumour that the station want fully operationial.
"Is that true?"
"Sadly sir it is.."
"Arse.." Phil was panicing. They neded to find a power sorce and quick, before the attcak begun.
"We need to get a message to jay and dean quick...radio them..."
"Pardon me sir, but there's a small problem?"
"What has he done now?"
"Not the midget sir...this time...but we have no working radio...the entire power supply seems to have been drained..we have basic thrusters only..well i lie...we could get 1 text message to him, but not enough to explan what we are doing.."
"double arse...What do we have working?"
"The emergency waste desposal system..."
Both Phil and the grunt looke at MP with an evil glint in their eye.
"Go find a very small space suit..then send a quick message to Jay or Dean to expect a small pacage heading their way.."

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