Partners in Grime

Who: Rufus, Trisees
Where: The Me....
When: After the snip
-- -- Previous -- --
"You there Sir?" asked Rufus, smiling warmly at Trisees.
Trisees, too weary to be mean, returned the smile.
-- -- Continuing -- --
Rufus blinked and recalled this was the first time Trisees had smiled
at him.
"What happened out there? You looked like you were on BTL..." Rufus
said concerned.
"I'm not entirely sure myself," replied Trisees, cluthing at his right
arm's stump which had begun to throb. "Possible hallucinations, or
something worse, but that's a scenario I don't even want to think
about at the moment," he replied, almost darkly.
He tried getting to his feet, Rufus taking hold of his arm and
helping him upwards. "So this is what's become of the medibay?" he
queried aloud. Rufus could only nod in reply.
"We'll have to refit this place first of all. No telling what shape
the crew is in," explained Trisees.
"Where do you suppose the crew is?" Rufus asked.
"When I was walking through the corridors, I noticed two nearby
planets. My best guess is they evacuated and ended up on one of them.
Possibly both if the hive tried to ensnare any of the vessels."
"I hope they are all ok. I dunno what i'd do if I lost Mum, Dad, and
Amber..." He tailed off and looked at the office belonging to Tara.
"Ambers the only one who understands me ya' know? It's not easy being
half GELF."
"Half gelf? Interesting, you look fully human," mused Trisees. "But
don't fret, I know what you mean about fitting in, all too well. Your
mum and Dad will be safe. After we fix whatever mess is going on
around here, I promise I'll help you look for them," he said, offering
Rufus his left hand.
Accepting the gesture Rufus looked at Trisees closer.
"I remember on that plannet, when things were weird with you and
Shakspeare. I think you were one of the people who stopped the aging
of me and my sister. Weird when you think you probably saved my life
back then. Where have you been anyway? I haven't seenyou around
recently." He said curiously, musing about his short past.
"I remember, vaguely, helping to stop the ageing process on somebody.
I'm sorry my memory isn't more intact. Ever since my accident,
certain things have been hazy, while others, clear as day."
Trisees tried to think hard. He could recall the last few days, but
he wasn't sure if they were days to the rest of the blue dwarf crew.
There was no telling how long he'd been in that freezer. Trisees
shook his head.
"Now's probably not the best time. I'd rather concentrate on how to
keep us alive and safe. Lets just say, its a place I don't want to
visit again." He straightened his one armed labcoat a little and
looked over Rufus' shoulders. "So what's around here that we can make
use of?"
"Well there is Keto's ointment cabinate, but there isn't much left in
it. I think I saw some basic suplies somewhere around and the one
remaining decontamination kit I used on you, you were covered in this
sticky residue." Rufus thought for a moment. His recollection of
Trisees was coming back, the things he had heard about the man just
didn't seem to be true, he didn't have that much of a bad temper
"Sticky residue?" thought Trisees aloud. "That possibly had the
hallucenegenic properties that made me act the way I did." He moved
over to the charred and blackened workbench, looking for anything
useful. He picked up bits of metal and wood, searching for anything
"Maybe, if we could find some research equipment, we could study some
of that residue. It could help us find a weak point against the
hive?" he said, excitedly, grinning again. Rufus wondered, a second
time, if the stories he'd heard about Trisees were true. He ignored
the thought and joined the scientist in the quest to find their tools.

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