The X-wing held position at the head of the invasion force, various
fictional starships making their way into the thronging mass of vessels.
The TARDIS rotated its way alongside Jay, to his starboard wing, below him
was the Planet Express ship from Futurama and to his port side The ARK from
"Are we all here?!" Lomaz' voice came across the comm she was piloting a
starfighter from 'Buck Rogers', "Pretty much" resplied Jay "But where's
It was at this point beeping came from Jays pocket, he pulled out his
mobile, flipped it open and opened his text message.
"Xpct sml pckge" It read
"What?! Kids today and they're 'jive talk'...whats that supposed to mean?!"
his questionw as answered as an almighty THUD rocked the ship, making Jay
jump, as he looked up, Mini-Phil was splattered across the cockpit glass,
holding a scrawled message on a piece of paper. "death Star has no power!"
scribbled in orange crayon with backwards 's's. It had obviously been
written by Phil.
"Thats just perfect...." Jay said Mini Phil was currently climbing across
the roof of the shuttle, "hey where are you going?" Jay asked.
Mini Phil found the socket for r2 droids to connect to the shuttles systems,
and sat in, locking himself in by the space suits control system.
"EEEE!!" he said
Jay looked at the screen on the ships dashboard.
"Need a hand?!" was displayed on the screen.
"What the........"
"Whaddya say we take a cupla double A batteries over to Phil?!" Jay worked
out that like in Star Wars, the screen translated what the droid/midget was
"Sure..." said Jay "But is there a Dixons around here?!"
"No...but I'm sure Dean has a couple of Duracell's in his walkman.."
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