a Friend in need....

(OOC- If me or Severn are actually somewhere else, bite me...)
Where: Onboard a high-mobile battleship
When: Pre-Reclamations of the Blue-Dwarf
who: Keats and Severn
Johnathon Frederick Keats, fighter-pilot turned battle cruiser
commander stood happily on the bridge of his new ship.
'BRILLIANT! Finally i have the power to do anything! My years of toil
will be payed for! MY leadership skills will shine through and they
will praise my name in the streets... BUT NO-ONES HERE TO WITNESS IT!'
A small picture appeared in the air infront of him, Severns face was
on it, he was standing infront of several 10-meter tall robots.
'Umm, im not one to question orders or whatever, but i have a slight
problem with this one...'
'Well, its not so much the order Keats'
'Please, call me Tenkawa, and whats the problem man?'
'Well... Kea... er.. Tenkawa... umm, HOW THE HELL DID WE EVEN GET ON
'Mehh... MEHH!!!! WHY YOU LI..'
Keats waved his hand through the picture and dismissed it.
'Raise the Distortian fields!' Keats boomed.
'Distortian fields raised, sir!' Keats also said.
He ran forwards, jumped into a seat surrounded by the little floating
'Gravity Cannon charged! Phase Transistion engines charged! PT-Cannon
He jumped out again and took the front seat, rubbed his hands
together and placed them on a black screen. It lit up, as did Keats.
His veins shone with a silvery light which flowed across his eyes in
a melangfe of colours. A few screens appeared with technical reports,
pictures, a smiley face and a large 'OK' printed on the final one.
'Taking her out sir... you ready Omoikane?' This time he used a flat,
almost emotionally devoid voice.
<down in the launch bay>
'He's flipped... hes finally gone over the edge.... and whats an IFS
injection?' Severn was in a Brown work suit, it matched his usual one
in all but colour and the print ont he back.
The long, white and red ship started to accelerate effortlesly.
Somehow, the High-Mobile Battleship, the 'Nadesico' was on an
intercept vector with the JMC Mining ship 'Blue Dwarf'.
And Keats couldnt be happier.
Onward the Nadesico!

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