In case of emergency

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Who: Rufus, Trisees
Where: The Me...
When: The clock has lost its one remaining hand, but by the position
of the swarm of ships out of the window i'd say ten minutes to doom.
-- -- Previously -- --
"I think we may just have a enough to start examining this gloop." He
ran his left hand through his hair and wiped it into a half broken
slide. "There's bound to be something in this that gives us the upper
Trisees looked at his single arm, and then gave a wry laugh.
-- -- Continuing -- --
Rufus shook his head at how wrong everybody was, as far as he could
see Trisees was a kind, funny man. A though hit Rufus about Trisees
arm, but now was not the time or place.
"Do you want to look first or shall I?" He asked the older man.
Trisees smiled and motioned to the goo. "You seem pretty bright, why
not give it a go?" he suggested.
Rufus smiled and felt a surge of pride well up inside him. Trisees
moved to one side as Rufus took the power and the lightbulb and
connected them to the half broken microscope. He slid the goo slide
underneath the lens, powered up the light and looked down through the
tube, Trisees standing and watching.
"Do you see anything?" he asked.
Rufus grumbled, the lens was cracked, but it was still possible to
make out the stands of hair and the other substance on the slide, he
changed lens and zoomed in closer.
"It's weird.... it's nothing i've seen before. It's like a plant cell,
but it's different...." The boy said confused "Here, you look."
Trisees nodded and took the microscope in his hand, readjusting the
focus a little and looking down it. "You're right, it does look like
a planet cell. And you're right a second time, it is different. But
this is a variation I've never seen before. There should be
chlorophyll, but there isn't any. The xylem seems to be overly
"But what's this? There's a strange mutation here. It seems as
though our hive workers have some kind of unidentifiable chemical
running through their spray. But without better equipment I can't
tell what it is." Trisees leant back and rubbed his chin.
"Excellent work Rufus, we need to find some kind of working lab bench
in the science department to have a look at this stuff. If we can
identify the chemicals in this goo, it brings us a step closer to
understanding their physiology.
Rufus nodded at what Trisees said and grinned, pushing his glasses up
he spoke.
"You know that means crawling through the vents again. Unless you wana
run the risk of corridors.... You up for it Lawrence?" He asked.
"I used to be quite the athlete," said Trisees, cracking his knuckles
against his shoulder. "I think we can handle a few hive workers.
You'll have to do any fighting though, all I can do is give them the
finger." He said, laughing out loud.
Rufus rolled his eyes and nodded.
"Fair enough. You know, I may have a way to deal with your, arm
problem." He said, hoping it wasn't that much of a touchy subject.
Trisees turned from the door and looked at Rufus, a half grin on his
face. "Fix my arm? You can help me with the mechanics and cyonics?
Because I am looking for a way to replace my missing apendage you
know. What's the idea?"
"Well, you know the scutters have that three clawed apendage. I
thought we could modify it slightly. With Dr. Keto's help it would be
fairly easy to attach." Rufus said, showing off slightly. "I did a
study on the Scutters at one point, quite fascinating really. Their
apendage has three joints you know as well as the 'fingers'"
Aware that he was rambeling on a bit Rufus went quiet.
Trisees, looked at Rufus, nodding gently, his eyes a little thin. He
appeared to be thinking it over slowly. His mind ticking. Eventually
his eyes wideneed and Rufus, who had been quite worried at the silence
"Rufus, that is an excellent idea. Once we get all this out of the
way, we'll start on that. But only once the ship is safe and the crew
are home. Keep that idea in that clever head of yours." He strode
over to the door.
"You ready to make a run for it?" he asked.
Rufus did the happy dance behind Trisees back before walking up next
to him.
"As i'll ever be." He said looking at Trisees so he could lip read.
"Ok then, best as my memory tells me, the science department is to the
right, and then through about twenty or so seperate corridors. We
mave have to run through the promenade a few times if we run into any
smashed corridors. Just keep near me, if we stick together, we have
more chance."
Trisees bent down to pick up a long shard of ripped metal and held it
in his left arm. Rufus reached down and did like wise, picking up two
pieces of ripped steel. In his pocket he'd placed the unlabelled
ointment. Hoping that they might be useful in case of emergency.
"Not one of them is going to get us, not when I'm around," he said
Rufus hit the door open pad and the pair of them ran out into the
corridor, ready for anything.

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