Landing Part, well... um.. Landed

"Whaddya say we take a cupla double A batteries over to Phil?!" Jay workedout that like in Star Wars, the screen translated what the droid/midget wassaying."Sure..." said Jay "But is there a Dixons around here?!""No...but I'm sure Dean has a couple of Duracell's in his walkman.."
<ABOARD THE RAVEN>The Raven meanwhile, was continuing to power its way through the battle towards the klein blau one. In the central area, the crew were psyching themesleves up for the battle, as well as simultaneously bracing for impact, for the Raven had 3 minutes to go 'til contact.
Or so Dean had told them. He'd actually made the figure up, as he aimed for the pre-ordained collision spot. He cranked the poer lever up to full and was just about to warn everyone to brace when his comm went off. 3 things thus happened:
1) Dean scrabbled amongst the coffee cups and assorted mess on the cockpit for his walkman.
2) He didn't warn the crew to brace.
3) He discovered his walkman was AAA.
The Raven had hit the drive room perfectly, she sat in the centre of the drive room, her engines whining down as the crew, daxed and somewhat befuddeled, charged out of the doors into the deserted room. Over the megaphone Dean said: "Good luck guys! Evacuate the drive room quick, I'm going to try and leave again and you'll be sucked out of the hole. Oh, and Jay wants to know if anyone has got any AA batteries?"
A crewmember ran back up the ramp, and then rejoined the invasion force as they left the drive room.
"Best of British guys." said Dean, murmuring the 20th century idiom as he threw the Raven into full reverse and with a crunching and grinding of metal the huge ship burst backwards into space.
"Jay?" said Dean, over the 'comm, "Landing party, um.. landed. And I've got those AA batteries you wanted. You want me to take them to Phil direct so you can continue with the killing/maiming and general acts of war?"
Dean "AAA" Thomas
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