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Who:- Jay, Phil, Dean
Where:- Parrotts
When:- After Shore Leave was cancelled
"I can't believe they cancelled shore leave just so we can ferry some bloody
androids around" said Dean waving his arms around manically as he spoke.
"They're not androids" said Phil "They're Simulants"
"Whats the difference?!" said Dean "They still ruined our bloody drinking
"So what?!" said Jay "We'll always have Parrotts!"
"Thats not the point! Any ship could have done it!"
"Were the only one with a wormhole drive!!" Jay pointed out "No othe rship
could get here quick enough!"
"Couldn't they have used another planet? Something closer?!"
"Thats what I thought...." said Jay "But I suspect something bigger is
"SPECULATION" came a voice from behind Jay "WILL GET YOU NOWHERE" it was one
of the simulants.
"Ok..fair comment" Phil said "But mind telling whats so important about this
place were heading to?!"
"NOT FOR YOU TO KNOW" replied the simulant
"With respect..." started Jay but was interuppted as differnet voice cut in
"Can I get you boys anything?!"
"Another round of the same please!" Jay said, taking out his wallet "And
we'd like to order 3 Vindaloo's!"
"Ok, be right over!" she said
"You new here?!"
"Yeah, I'm Miranda, just started today"
"single?!" said Jay "Cos Dean's kinda....OUCH!"
Dean had kicked him under the table.
"Only trying to help!"
"Riiight...." said Miranda and walked off
"DUDE!" said Jay "She's hot! You could be onto a cracker!!"
"I'll find my own dates thank you!" Dean replied
"Oh like thats gonna happen..." Jay said "Anyway as I was saying" he turned
back to the simulant "With respect, this is OUR ship, we have a right to
know whats going on"
"Well...I for one want to know for security reasons" said Phil "I mean...."
the simulant cut him off. "DONT WORRY YOURSELF WITH OUT BUSINESS" it siad
"WHAT?!" Jay said "You think were gonna let a bunch of retards like you take
"YOU WILL" said the simulant "'COS ORDERS SAY SO!"
"Thats crap!"
The simulant stood up and grabbed Jay by the throat "WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF
IT??!" He tossed Jay aside like a ragdoll, sending him crashing across
several tables.
The simulant stormed out, Jay got to his feet.
"Guess we'll see what Alota says about this..."
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