Brian Pashkevich

OOC- hello all, Brian sent me this to check, and then went offline
so i'll send it now in case he doesnt come on again for a few days.
Who:-Brian Pashkevich
Where:-On The JMC Blue Dwarf
When:-A Few Days After Boarding The Ship
Walking around the JMC Blue Dwarf in awe,Seeing everyone at work
getting ready for every and anything,Brian was shocked. Everyone is
different in a way.There was even now two trees up and about working
on the blue dwarf! Hes seen this before and wanted to try it..Brian
opened his mouth and called
Then he heard a voice respond to him.It worked! Something accutally
worked for him!Remembering all the things he tried that didnt
work,the car after his repairs, and the tv after the superbowl.
Hearing Holly asking "Yes? What is it?" Brian
came to and asked
"Can you help me find my quarters?"
"Yes,But if your just asking now where have you been sleeping the
past few days?!?!?"
"Sleeping? Come on! There's no time for that when youve
just boarded a gigantic space ship!" Brian replied.
"I guess your right,but
don't you need help finding your quarters?"
"Yes,in a little bit.I
need a drink.Im off to the Parrots bar.
Later On....
Who:-Brian And some other Blue Dwarf crewmembers
Where:-Parrots Bar
When:-Around After Shore Leave Was Canceled
As Brian walked into Parrots Bar and spotted an empty bar stool next
to Jay,Dean,and Phil,he walked over.Not knowing much about them or
who they were at the time,just a few rumours,he squeesed passed the
simulant and sat down.He waved down a waitress and ordered a Bloody
Mary,a shot of scotch,and a bottle of vodka.Recieving his drinks he
asked the waitresses name,as he has not seen her on his exploration.
She responded "Im Miranda and I just started to day."
"Oh,good i started a few days ago,and im not lined up job." "Then
how did you get on here?" asked Miranda.
"Its a long story.." and Brian just then finished off his Bloody
Mary and chased it with the scotch. Miranda went back to work and
once the simulant left Brian nudged Jay and said,
"Whats up with those simulants eh? Say one thing and they get
pissed!"As Brian finished up Jay turned his head to look at Brian.

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