Break time

Who: CK and PythonWhere: ParrotsWhen: Just after the fight (can we call it that)
"OK, I promise I won't put you on report" he told Python as they walked down a corridor towards the bar where nobody knows your name. 
"Oh, thank you Mr. Kochanski, sir. Kochanski flinched.
"Don’t call me sir, I hate it, If you have to call me something call me CK everyone else those."
"Thank you for not putting me on report, CK." 
"That’s better,” said CK as they walked, "I wouldn’t have put you on report any way, I not a grass."
"Oh, thanks sir." CK flinched "Sorry". CK decided to ignore it and the two of them stepped into parrots. "What the smeg?" said Python as he saw the mess? Kochanski of course was accustomed to seeing Parrots after a fight (after all, it was like that every night). The two men sat at the bar CK with a Scotch and Python with a Guinius. 
"One thing we are going to sort out is some proper training for you, especially if your working under my shift." Python was about to respond but it clear CK wasn’t paying attention anymore, he'd noticed the new barmaid.
"Hi, I’ve never noticed you before?" he asked her. 
"Yeah I'm new,” she said shaking his hand "I’m Miranda Catherine Bell". The two started chatting and things were going well, but this is CK were talking about and he had been drinking...
"Tell me Miranda, do you have any Scottish in you?" he asked
"No" she replied.
"Would you like some?"<Tag>MSN Premium gives you PC protection, junk-mail filters, advanced communication tools and great software like MSN Encarta® Premium. Click here for a FREE trial!

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