Break time- Continued

Who: Python, CK, Miranda
Where: Parrots
When: After CK asked Miranda a rude question
"What?" Miranda asked.
"Would you like to have me?" CK asked.
"Erm....CK, do you think you have had enough to drink?" Python asked.
"Nope......I'll have another Scotch, miss!" CK hesitated.
"No, Miranda. Don't worry. We're leaving." Python said.
CK held the glass upto Python's face. "Hey! I could have a few
more." CK started sniggering.
CK said "Hey! I'm not drunk. L-l-look at me!"
CK tried standing up. He coulden't keep his balance. He collapsed
on the floor.
"Sorry about this!" Python said to Miranda.
Python pulled CK up off the floor by his arm. CK was still unable to
keep his balance and leaned against the bar.
"OK! I guess we'll be off before CK drinks too much and he is unable
to give me that training he promised me." Python said to Miranda.
"Nooo! I want to get put the Scottish in Miranda." CK said, still
obviously drunk.
Python held CK up by his arm and they both left. Python was just
thinking about getting close to Miranda.

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