RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] *ACTION* The Landing party

“Ooh, ooh! Pick me! Pick me!”
shouted Cerebrum for the second time that day.
“Why would I take you on a mission
like this?” asked Jay.
“Reason number one,” said
Cerebrum, counting off on his fingers. “I’m already dead, so I have
nothing to lose by going on this suicide mission. Reason number two, Rio’s bound to be
needing some professional psychological counseling after that traumatizing
event down there.”
“Professional psychological counseling?
So you’re saying that we shouldn’t take along?” replied Jay.
“Hey, you insult my professional
expertise again, and I’ll sic the union on you, see if I don’t!”
snapped Cerebrum.
Jay sighed. “Fine, you can come.”
“Excellent,” Cerebrum tossed a
bag into Jay’s hands. “That’s my stuff. Don’t drop it. That
would be bad for me, you and everybody within a sixty foot radius of where you
dropped it.”

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where you are, I'm coming down with a rescue party" he cutt off the comm,
"Phil, find some people and come with me, we've got a pilot to






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