Count me in

Phil turned to jack and said "Once more, you made me look like a
complete cun...WTF is that on the screen behind Rio?"
<end snip>
"What's the trouble?" asked McJohn as he rushed into the Drive Room.
"The smeggin' simulants are dead--" Jay began.
"Excellent news!" McJohn interrupted joyfully.
Jay looked at him, then finished his sentance. "And Rio's trapped
down there!"
McJohn swore. "Anything I can do to help?"
Phil nodded. "We're assembling a rescue party right now."
"Excellent. I'll come too."
"EEEEE??" muttered Mini-Phil.
"What the smeg did he just say?" asked McJohn.
"It wasn't polite, but I agree," answered Phil. "How exactly could
you help?"
"Look," began McJohn, "nobody ever asked that before when I've
volunteered for things, so why start now?"
The others nodded.

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