Re: Count me in

"Look," began McJohn, "nobody ever asked that before when I've
volunteered for things, so why start now?"
The others nodded.
"Now that the Simulants are persumably all dead," Johnny
said, "doesn't that mean the captain has her ship back?"
"I was getting to that." Jay said.
"Holly," Phil called out, "as head of security on this ship, I
command you to unlock Alota's brig and summon her to the control
"Eeeee!" MP gave Phil an inquisative look.
"No, you cannot be captain until she gets into the room." Phill
said, scolding the midget clone.
"Jay, er, Sir, can I fly my ship?" Johnny asked. "I would be very
happy to be on a ship that does not have a certain hologram who
locked me up for a month. I think we will also need all the armament
at our disposal to rescue Ms Lomar and then get out of here like all

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