Don't forget me!

Who: Lost of people I cant be arsed to write
When: Time you got a watch!
Where: Lots of places....
Chris woke up, rolled over and grasped his watch mis-read the time, thinking
he was two hours late for duty and hap-hazardly put it on his wrist and
threw himself out of bed, he looked down at his watch again to discover that
he didn't have to report for duty for an hour and fifteen minutes, at which
time he sat down on his bed, Kanako lying motionlessly next to him.
Then Holly appeared on the monitor, "Chris, Phil is setting up a team to
take down to the planet that the simulants are on, thought you might like to
know, if you're interested, then they're assembling in the drive room now"
said Holly.
Chris stood up and donned his INT armour that Jack had kindly given to him
after the beginning of his business with Melissa, and put a pilots uniform
on over it, he walked over to his bedside cabinet, lifted his GunBlade from
it and attached it to his belt. He then walked into a kitchen and made
himself a coffee, some proper coffee, and at the same time Nanoed to Jack.
"Whats all this about the Simulants?", and didnt recieve a reply, "Fine,
just ignore me then" thought Chris to himself, as he scribbed a note and
taped it to the wall opposite Kanako, it read. "Problems with the Simulants,
had to leave early, see you later, love Chris xx", she was bound to find it.
Chris opened to door and caught the lift to the drive room, where upon his
entrance, he turned to Jay and said, "Can you please elaborate on what Holly
told me...aka, jack all, all he said to me was something about simulants
and Phil, and setting up a in short i say...WHAT THE SMEG IS GOING
ON?". After which, Jay quickly explained to Chris what was going on, and
Chris had to say was..."Count me in" a determined look appearing on his
face, and his hand clenching his GunBlade tightly.
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