helpful? Me? no chance.

<continuing from previous chain of posts>
"anyway, i know i'm security, but what help am i gonna be?" Jack
said, pointing to his eye, or lack of it. "Mr Depth perception
doesn't like me anymore!" he added.
"so? you're one of the most experienced men on my team, i can't have
some untrained smegheads on a mission like this. You're with us,
deal with it." Phil said, hardly even looking at him, cos he knew
what kind of salute Jack was giving him. "and enough of that." he
"fine! but don't expect me to do anything helpful" Jack said,
leaning against the wall. He missed the usual 'klunk' sound his
GunBlade would make, and sighed. Thoughts tossed over in his head,
for the first time in a very long while. Thoughts of ways he could
"Phil" Jack said, after a minute or so of thinking. "When we get
back, i'm gonna turn those smegheads into Pro's, that way, i won't
be needed on missions like this when i'm just gonna be a hinderance
anyway." He finished.
"I like it, but its not gonna get you out of this!" Phil answered,
Jack thumped the wall behind him. Jack grumbled.

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