Re: Ah, Why Not?

Who: Amber, Jay, Phil, Jack, Chris, McJohn, Cerebrum, Johnny and Keto
Where: Shuttlebay
When: Before Away mission launch
---- Snip ----
> "Get on," said Jay, jerking a thumb over his shoulder, "We should
> probably have a medical person along and you vaguely qualify. And
> perhaps you can distract Cerebrum and stop him talking to anyone."
> "Wha...?" managed Keto for the third time as he was lightly guided
> into the away vehicle. "...sleep?"
---- End Snip ----
"The only way to keep that quack silent is to re-program the
holographic controls." Amber said from where she was leaning against
the loading ramp. Her hand rested on the pistol in a holster at her
hip, her long coat pushed back showing the weapon off. She laughed as
Keto collapsed into a chair in the Starbug and walked in after him
kicking someone out of the Co-Pilots seat.
"I think you'll find this is where i'm sitting." She said and kicked
her feet up on the dashboard.
"Hey Chrysler?!.. Sir... When are we getting this bucket of rusty
bolts off the ground?" She yelled back at Jay. Phil looked at his
daughter confused for a moment before shrugging it off and putting it
down to the 'terribal twos'. Ambers eyes flashed darkly and she
smiled sinking into the seat.

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