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Here comes (how did you guess??) another JP by Chris and J "Didja miss
me?" Prime!
Seymour deftly grabbed up his mobile and flipped the top. Rather than
another person's face appearing on the phone, the brand-spanking new
holo-phone system projected a miniature Smith onto the table before
"Ermm...Hello Sir. Security Officer Smith, reporting for duty. Again."
"Hey there mate! Sup?"
"Erm...Well its complicated. See, a while ago I appeared in the Drive
Room and..."
Smith babbled on for a while before he realized that the Now-Cool
Royal Ambassador's eyes had glazed over.
"The basic point I'm trying to get across here is that I am currently
STUCK inside the Blue Dwarf AI core and would REALLY appreciate it if
you know...pull some strings", Smith winked ", and
maybe...possibly...get me OUT?"
"How the smeg am I supposed to do THAT???", replied Seymour in disbelief.
"Well to be honest I had kinda hoped you knew how...hadn't much
planned past this point."
Seymour muttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously
like "Doesn't do much planning at all from the sound of it..."
"Why dont we blow you out?" suggested Seymour, a grim smile spreading
across his face. "Hang on...that MIGHT not work....".
An idea flashed across Seymour's reconstituted cerebellum. The ship's
computer...the balding one. What WAS his name again? Holster? Harry?
Holly? YEAH! That was it.
"Why don't you just call Holly and have him pull you out?"
"I don't know his number."
Seymour leaned over to his left to face the nearest Holly monitor on the wall
"Hey dude, you mind pulling out Smith here?"
Holly wondered if it was worth the bother.
He decided he was better off not bothering to wonder about ANYTHING
for a while and began to connect the miles of holo-relays necessary to
remove Smith from the Core.
"Thank you Mr.Ambassador sir! You'll never regret this, honest! Hey,
have you lost wei-"
Smith rematerialized in the shuttle bay.
Holly grinned. At least it would be good for a few laughs, if nothing else.
*Somewhere Elsewhere...*
Chris had just finished helping McJohn load the last of the supplies
onto the starbug they were taking, and was just walking onto the
ship, when, turning around for a final glance at him home, He saw John
Smith, standing in a corner. "Smith?" he shouted across the shuttle
bay, "What're you doing here?"
"ght?", was Smith's incomprehensible reply.
"Oh. Its YOU people again."
Chris decided it wasn't worth getting annoyed over, and beckoned Smith
over to the 'bug.
"Haven't seen you for ages, wher've you been?"
"Oh just the usual, cybernetic oblivion..."
"En Anglais sil vous plais?"
"I got stuck being a brain-dead computer's room mate!"
"You got put in a room with Cerebrum?I didn't realise he had a room mate..."
"No! The OTHER brain-dead one!"
"Well thanks for clearing THAT up, Smith! Goodness knows we have a
real SHORTAGE of those sort of people around here!"
"I could've got put in a room with you for all you know, another brain
dead computer!" said Smith and as he said it, Chris face turned bright
red, as Smith may have thought that statement was correct, but it was
actually incredibly wrong, as Chris well knew...
Smith still hadn't forgiven Chris for the whole Kara incident.
"So what's going on with the Starbug?"
"Well, basically, we're going down to the same planet as the
simulants, cause there's something down there, and they're outside
Lomaz's shuttle, and all the simulants are dead"
Smith raised his left eyebrow. By this point he had largely become
immune to such odd news.
"How can you not know about the simulants, Jesus, why dont you come
along, Jay, Phil, I, and everybody else, can "debrief you" as it
were..." said Jack as he beckoned Smith onto the shuttle in front of
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