Never get drunk unless your willing to pay for it!

Who:CKWhere: StarbugWhen: After the others left
Kochanski woke up on the floor of Starbug's Obs deck, he was semi conscious for about half an hour before he relised where he was. He stood up and staggered across the room to a window and looked out.
"God"  he thought, as he looked out at the barren landscape. Next CK began to look around Starbug and found the weapons locker empty and that the main Airlock had been left open. He groaned as a killer headache hit him. "I must have fallen asleep in here" he said aloud before throughing up on the pilots seat. That in it's self made him feel a little better. "God, I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing last night."
As he stood outside he put on his leather jacket and took a look around. It was begining to rain, pour down infact. He heard some girly screaming coming from the distance...
"Chris?" Heshouted as loud as he could, but was drowned out by the thunder. And so it was that Callum Kochanski stagered out towards where others into a hostile world with no weapon, and a hangover... (well I think we can tell which of the Kochanski kids was born with brains.) 

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