Where is CK?

Who: Python and someother people
Where: Corridor/Vehicle Hangar/Python's room/Blue Midget
When: Morning
Python had got prepared for work and left his room.  He had to go to find CK, his supervisor.  Python knocked on CK's door.  There was no answer.  Python knocked again.  Still no answer.
"CK?" Python called through the door.
Python opened the door.  CK wasn't in the room.
Python started look around the corridors for CK.
Didn't CK tell me to knock for him for work at this time?, Python thought.
Another crewmember was going down the corridor.
"Excuse me!  Do you know where Kochanski is?" Python asked.
"Sorry, mate!  I don't!" The crewmember answered and walked off.
Python went to the vehicle hangar.  There were just a few ships around the place.
Python called, "CK!  ARE YOU THERE?"
Python went into the Blue Midget to see if CK was in there.  He wasn't.
But then, Python heard something on the communications radio.
It sounded like a whole load of screams and people calling
This sounded bad.  Python just realised that they were members of the
Blue Dwarf crew, possibly including CK.  Python rushed back to his
room, opened his closet, grabbed his emergency spacesuit.
Bonzai Boy was in the room and asked, "Python, what are you doing?"
"Bonzai Boy, some of this crew are in danger.  We must do them a favour of saving them!"  Python said.  "Are you with me?"
"Errrrr........" Bonzai Boy hesitated.
"Good!  You are!" Python said. "Come with me!  We must find our fellow
crewmembers and get them out of danger!"
Python put on his spacesuit and left the room.  Bonzai Boy followed Python.
"Python, are you sure this is a good idea?" Bonzai Boy asked.
Python and Bonzai Boy went down to the vehicle hangar.  They went into the Blue Midget.
"Python, do you even know how to use these kinds of vehicles?" Bonzai Boy asked.
"Err.....being a former Space Explorer, I....did have some basic training!" Python responded.
Python turned on the Blue Midget's engine and flew out of the Blue Dwarf.  His flying was a bit wonky and it did look like he was going to crash.
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