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"thought you were never gonna say" Jack said, noticing the unopened weapons
locker in the bug, he opened it, and pulled out a large gun.
"the hell is that doing in there?" Phil asked, "I thought they were all
fitted with NEW weapons!"
"hehe, this IS new" Jack said, pointing out the new looking finish, and
unmarked black paint. He clipped box to the side of it and walked to the
"ok" he said, cocking the machine gun. "i don't know how long this ammo will
last, but the moment an opening appears, go for it, i'll try and catch up."
he said, firing a burst at the window, a couple of heads exploded as the
bullets flew through them.
"ooh, hollowpoint!" Jack said, "this'll make my job easier!"
At that, he opened the door, pointed the weapon at the crowd, and held the
trigger down, everyone else joined in, firing rounds from their rifles over
jacks shoulders.
"MOVE OUT!" Jack shouted, as he stepped outside, He let the weapon move in
an arc, cutting a wave through the zombies. "GO!!" he shouted, he could see
everyone hesitating. "you too!" shouted phil, "remember, we said no playing
hero!" he pointed out, shouting as loud as he could to be heard.
"NO!!! JUST GO!!!!" Jack shouted again, barging phil away from him, everyone
started to move off, the sound of gunfire echoing behind them, but they were
less than 10 metres away when they heard another yell from the 'hero'
"change of plan!! leggit!!!!" he yelled, bolting passed everyone, a large
machine gun with an empty ammo box lay smouldering in front of the zombie
horde as they began to advance. Everyone got the idea rather quickly, and
joined Jack at high speed. They soon reached a ridge less than 100 metres
away from lomaz's Bug they looked over it, lightning arced above them,
illuminating the ground at the bottom of the ridge. nothing but zombies...
thousands of them.
"umm... got any more ideas?" Phil asked Jack, but got no reply, Jack was
busy staring into the abyss, and asked himself "where's phoenix fire when
you need it?"
"uhh, guys... a plan would be good now!" McJohn said, looking behind them,
the zombies that had surrounded Lomaz had regrouped, and obviously found a
large supply of superglue, one that showed no signs of running out any time
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