*ACTION* Making a break fo it

Who:- The landing party and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and
lots of dead people
Where:- The planet OF THE DEAD!!!!!!
When:- The night the dead walked the earth....or a planet like it!
"uhh, guys... a plan would be good now!" McJohn said, looking behind them,
the zombies that had surrounded Lomaz had regrouped, and obviously found a
large supply of superglue, one that showed no signs of running out any time
<end snip>
"You could come up with one yourself you know!!" Keto pointed out "Rather
than rely on everyone else all the time!" he took an ointment out of his
pocket at this point and spread some on a qound on Callum's arm.
"Doc...what's that?!" asked Jay
"Makes the wound cauterize....nothing to be alarmed about"
"What effect do you reckon it'll have on the zombies?!"
"It's been known to kill dead tissue..."
Jay grabbed it from Ketos hand and threw it into the oncoming mass of
zombies, they fell to the ground and writhed around.
"DEAD tissue yes, these people are UNdead...it might just give them a rash
or something!"
"Well it bought us some time!" yelled Phil "LETS MOVE IT!!"
The party legged it, as they ran through the thronging crowd of falled dead
folk, the re-animated ocrpse began getting to thier feet yet again and
closed in on the group.
"Astute" said Cerebrum sarcastically.
"GAh!" yelled Chrysler as he was bolwed to the ground by two zombies.
He fought them off, holding his rifle up between himself and them, then he
saw their faces.
"Vanessa....Kings..ley..." Jay was for the first time in 2 years looking
into the eyes of his elder brother, and younger sister.
His grip on the rifle loosened he had felt he was responsible for their
deaths..ok so he had killed Kingsley himself after he had tried to conquer
the universe...he had shot Vanessa and Jay went after him revenge.
Jay's train of thought was broken seconds before Vanessa tired to rip Jay's
throat out by the heads of his two dead siblings exploding spontaneously.
He looked over, Cerebrum and Keto were holding smoking rifles.
"I'd call that one life saving each wouldn't you Doctor Keto?!"
"Certainly Doctor Cerebrum"
"If Mr Chrysler wants to mope about his family, it might be more prudent to
do it when they aren't trying to kill him. Jay, we'll call that a clean
$£1000 each for the save, you can pay us when you get back, no hurry!"
"You're kidding right..."
"Payment for service rendered..."
A bullet whizzed through Cerebrum's holographic form and another past Keto's
ear, they both turned around to see two of the dead army lying at their
"Services returned" said Jay.
"It was gonna crush your light bee Cerebrum.....before you try and worm your
way out of it."
"GET DOWN!" yelled Keto and threw a jar of ointment into the crowd that was
closing in on the group. This cleared a path to a small shack, proabably
left from whatever civilisation had thrived here before whatever it was that
caused the dead to walk happened.
The group ran toward it, but something grabbed Phil's leg. He looked down,
it was one of the simulants, still alive, barely, but alive, it lay there a
torse, head and two arms, its legs had been severed at the waist.
It handed Phil a data disc, marked 'CLASSIFIED'.
"What about you?!" Phil asked
"I'm not important....GO GET OUT OF HERE!" It cocked its gun and aimed at
the mass of zombies, taking out as many as it could to buy the group some
time to get into the shack.
The group ran inside and barricaded themselves in.
"So what now?!" Phil said "We're screwed!"
Jack looked out of the window, "they're trying to get in, WHOA!" he leapt
back as a zombie's arm smashed through the glass.
"Trapped!" said Amber, running out from one of the back rooms "Theyre all
around the place."
Each window on every side of the building smashed inwards, Zombies beginning
to climb through.
"COVER ME!" yelled Jay as the group each opened fire in a differnet
direction, Jay pulled out his navi-com.
"WHATEVER YOURE DOING JAY DO IT FAST!!" yelled Phil over the gunfire.
"Hold it!!"
Jay's navicom was linked to the navigational system of the starbug, half a
mile away the green shuttle lifted off and headed toward the shack.
"EVERYONE DUCK!!" Jay shouted, as through the navi-com he commanded the bug
to open fire, blasting the roof off the shack, and lowering a ladder into
the room. The crew clambered up. A few zombies were hanging to the legs,
having grabbed on at take off.
Jay dashed into the cockpit, accompanied by Amber.
the hatch hissed shut, and Jay looped the bug, shaking off any stragglers
and rocketed away.
"Um Jay..." said Amber, gazing into the tactical display.
"You remember all those hymenoptera and wasp clones of yourself that we've
killed over the years?!"
"Yeah...whys that important now?!"
Jay looked out of the cockpit glass to his left, and flying alongside them
were indeed several of the wasp's and hymenoptera flying alongside them,
they're stingers stabbing the bug, and scraping along the metal. Jay thrust
the bug sideway, knocking into several of them, they in turn knocked into
some of theyre comrades, and fell from the sky, hge repeated this manouvere
on the other side and pulled upwards sharply.
"I'm betting they cant fly in space!!" he said as the Starbug burst through
the atmosphere.
"Safe..." Jay sighed, "Lets get back to the ship and get the hell out of
"Er Jay.." said Phil "I think Alota oughta see this..." said Phil, waving
the data disc.
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