Finding The Crew

"No I mean theres no time, we're heading towards the planet at thecentre of the universe, we'll be landing soon to join the rest ofthe party.""Oh okay, I'll tag along. So how about being friends then? All myproper friends are long dead, there's not much chance I'll ever seethem again…."<end snip>
Who: Python, Efof Yuwan'kar and Bonzai Boy
Where: Blue Midget heading towards planet
"Okay!" said Python. "We can be friends.  Besides, we might as well!  I'm not even a professional Blue Midget pilot, so we might end up getting lost!  So, we might as well stick together."
"Good!" Efof said.
The communications radio started acting up.  Python and Efof could hear "KILL THE BASTARDS!"
"Holly, where is that from?" Python asked the computer.
The computer screen displayed when the message was picked up, how many miles away it was and what direction.
"Oh!  200 miles this way!" Python said.  He used the controls to turn the ship in another direction.  He then pulled a switch to turn up the speed.
"What made you go to rescue these people?" Efof asked.
"My supervisor, CK is out there!" Python.
"Coulden't you work under anyone elses shift?" Efof asked.
"No!" Python answered. "I asked because I thought there was something not to like about him!  But, they said that there was no one left."
Python saw a planet in the distance.
"Ah!  Here's our destination!" Python said.  He then pulled a switch to turn up the speed even more.
They had come close to the planet.
"Here we are" Python said.
"Python, do you know anything about landing?" Efof asked.
"Err....I think I....."
All of a sudden, the Blue Midget crash landed on the planet.  Python, Efof and Bonzai Boy climbed out of the ship and onto the deserted planet.
"Where is everyone?" Efof asked.
"Don't know!"Python replied.  "Maybe we should walk around for a while!"
They started to walk around the planet.
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