Fighting Jack The Ripper

"no one hurts Melissa" he said, anger filling his voice. He bull
rushed Jack the ripper, forcing him off the sheer drop to the cave
floor below, as they landed, the ripper cusioning jacks fall, the
barrel of the M249 appeared underneath the chin of the undead being.
"eat lead" Jack ordered, pulling the trigger.
He got up, and looked around him at the horde of fresh undead
surrounding him.
"smeg" he said, quite plainly.
"Hold on guys, don't be hasty" Jack the ripper said, getting up, a
nasty hole in his head and stomach now.
"jeez, don't you guys ever die?" Jack said, spinning round and
filling the ripper with even more shells.
"you can't kill whats already dead" was all the ripper said, before
he leapt through the hail of bullets, and took Jack down.
<end snip>
Who: Jack, Jack The Ripper, Alota, Phil, Jay, Python, Seymour Niples,
CK, Johnny, Eric, Efof and Melissa
Where: Devil's Base
Jack The Ripper had Jack pinned down on the ground. All he had to do
was kill Jack to make him one of them.
"Looks like you are going to join us!" Jack The Ripper said, prepared
to bite Jack in the neck.
"A little help please!" Jack said to Jay, Phil and Alota.
"Okay, what shall we do?" Phil asked.
"Get him off!" Jack said.
Jay ran and grabbed onto Jack The Ripper and managed to pull him
off. Jack the ripper started grabbing onto Jay.
"Shoot him!" Jay said.
Jack shot the ripper in the head again, blowing another big hole.
"Aaargh! That hurts! Do you mind?" Jack the Ripper said, letting go
of Jay. Jay stepped back.
The rest of the undead were approaching the crew who were imprisoned
by Stalin.
"Hey! They're approaching us!" Python shouted.
Jack, distracted by Python's call, started shooting the approching
undead to slow them down. Jack the Ripper saw his chance. He
punched and kicked Jack and he fell to the ground. Jack The Ripper
laughed. Jay punched the ripper.
"What are you doing, you stupid twit?!?" Jack the Ripper said to Jay,
"I'm punching you, because I want a fight!" Jay said in a smug way.
"Good thinking, Jay!" Jack said. "You fight Jack the Ripper while I
take care of the others and try to save the rest of the crew!"
Jay and Jack The Ripper started fighting. Jack started shooting at
the undead, until he finally got to the crew, who were imprisoned by
"Yeah! We're going to be set free!" Python cheered.
"Ha! I'm sure people would have missed me!" Seymour said. Everyone
suddenly went silent. "Hmm...maybe not!" Seymour realised.
"Anyway! I think I better set you all free so we can get out of
here!" Jack said.
Jack was about to start untying the ropes their wrists, when he heard
a voice behind him, "NOT SO FAST-SKI!"

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