Re: Fighting Jack The Ripper

Jack was about to start untying the ropes their wrists, when he heard
a voice behind him, "NOT SO FAST-SKI!"
<end snip>
He spun round, and came face to face with a nasty bushy moustache,
going a bit grey, and falling out here there and everywhere.
"not another one." Jack said as a fist flew into his face, Jack flew
backwards, into a wall, where he fell unconcious.
"Jack!" melissa called, scared for his life.
Jack then stood up, his head still facing down. He looked at stalin,
with an emotionless face.
"hahahaski" stalin laughed, "he has become one of us. Now Jack-ski,
kill your previous friendskis!" Stalin ordered, as Jack picked up the
M249, and walked alongside Stalin. A look of worry appeared on
everyones face as Jack pointed the machine gun at his friends.
Melissa looked Jack in the eye, and saw a glimmer of life. Jack
winked subtly to her.
"NOWSKI!" stalin called, Jack stood there, doing nothing for a
second, before turning to Stalin.
"thought you'd never ask" Jack said, smiling. The patch on his eye
had fallen off, showing a nasty looking scar. He forced the M249
into Stalin, and pulled the trigger. Bullets from the weapon flew
through him, forcing him back to the group of undead, whereupon Jack
let the recoil carry the weapon in his hands, spreading the hail of
fire throughout the undead minions. Melissa could see Jack straining
to stay awake, and noticed the symptoms of an addiction... a look of
serious worry flew onto her face as Jack released the trigger, and
fell to the ground, clutching his chest.
"chris, now would be a good time!" jack subvocalised, hoping chris
had some ultra-morph with him.
<tag chris, come give us a hand>

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