Fighting Stalin

Who: Python, Seymour, CK, Melissa, Johnny, Eric, Efof, Jay, Alota,
Phil, Jack, Chris and Stalin
Where: Outside The Prison/Stalin's Cave
When: Seymour's scout party have escaped from prison
"Okay, Eric! You said you memorised the way back, didn't you?"
Python said.
"Yes! I'll lead the way!" Eric said.
"Lets just hope we don't run into any guards!" Seymour said.
Eric lead the group out of the prison. They were soon coming close
to the rest of the group. This was when they were stopped by zombie
"Great! What do we do now?" CK said.
"LETS KILL 'EM!" Python said, without thinking.
"You know there are of them than there are of us!" CK reminded
"How about I disract them!" Seymour said quietly, so the warriors
didn't hear.
"Fine, whatever! Do your best!" CK said, unsatisfied.
Seymour ran away from the rest of the group, turned around to the
zombies and called, "HEY, OVER HERE! I'M PREPARED TO GIVE IN TO
"Good!" said one of the warriors. "Are you serious?"
"YES! BUT YOU CAN HAVE ME IN ONE CONDITION!" Seymour called to them.
"What is that?" the warrior asked.
Seymour called, "YOU MUST CHASE ME!"
Seymour ran away in another direction. The huge crowd of zombie
warriors started chasing Seymour.
"Well, we're going to miss him!" CK said sarcastically. "Not!"
"He might come back!" Python said.
"I doubt that, very much!" CK said. "I think zombies must have
different speeds to eachother, as well! There must be one of them
which can run quicker than the rest!"
"Now, shall we catch up with the others?" Eric suggested.
"Yes, I would say so!" CK answered.
Eric lead the group to Stalin's cave. They could see Jay, Alota,
Phil, Jack and Chris fighing Stalin. It looked like they were
losing. None of them noticed the group, not even Stalin.
"It seems like Stalin hasn't noticed us! Why don't we give him a
surprise bullet in the head!" Python said.
"Yeah!" Johnny said.
Python, Johnny, CK and Eric got out their weapons. They changed the
settings on their guns to make them extra strong. They all aimed at
Stalin's head. They pulled their triggers. Stalin fell to the
"Hey! You're alive!" Jack said.
"Yeah! We just used tactics to escape!" Python said.
"Yeah! That's why Seymour is missing!" CK added.
"What happened?" Jack asked.
"He made himself get chased by a whole load of hostile zombie
soldiers!" CK answered.
"He might come back soon!" Python said.
"Anyway, looks like we have defeated Stalin!" Eric said.
"But, are you sure we killed him?" Python asked.

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