RE: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] **Action** \"Ready to Die?\"

Who: Chris & Seymour
When: Just after the last post oddly enough......
Where: Exactly the same place as before, anyone who reads the posts should
"What do we have here?" Said The Pirate, readjusting his eye
patch. "Some of those bloody Blue DwarfersÂ… I wish we'd blew up your
ship when we had the chance."
The Eniram said something in their slobbery fishy language, and
raised their harpoons.
The Hymenoptera screeched.
"Oh dear" Said Seymour.
"No Shit Sherlock!: shouted Chris, his eyes turning to the GunBlade at his
waist, wishing that his hand could reach it. He lashed out with his leg
towards the nearest attacker, and unfortunately for him, not being able to
reach far enough, he fell straight on his arse.
"Hey hymie,hymie, hymie, do us a favour and bite this rope off will you?"
said Niples, holding out his hands that were bound together by a thin, yet
storng piece of rope, and, luckily enough for him, the hymie missed his
hands altogether, and cut his bounding, at which point, his hand drove
itself towards Chris' waist, removing the GunBlade from its sheath.
"What the f**k do you think you're doing, need I use the gay monkey lover
quote again?????, gimme my f*****g GunBlade now"
"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" shouted Seymour at the
nearest attacker.
"Its gonna be one of those days isn't it..." said Chris to himself, cursing
his luck.
All of a sudden, Chris forgot about the danger, bringing himself to remember
who was still stationed upon the 'dwarf as far as he could remember,
"Kanako, Come In Kanako!" shouted Chris, trying to communicate with the
person dearest to him.
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