Re: **Action** \"Ready to Die?\"

All of a sudden, Chris forgot about the danger, bringing himself to
who was still stationed upon the 'dwarf as far as he could remember,
"Kanako, Come In Kanako!" shouted Chris, trying to communicate with
the person dearest to him.
<end snip>
"Kanako, theres a message coming through for you from the surface,
it's chris." Holly said, appearing next to Kanako.
"put it through!" she almost shouted, vaulting from the sofa to the
nearest coms port.
"Kanako! are you there?" chris asked, a bit of static getting in the
"yes, i'm here! are you ok?" she replied
"yeah, for now. look, theres a chance i might not make it back.
I'm just calling to make sure you know that i love you, and always
will." Chris said, an edge of tears in his voice.
"what!?!" she almost shouted, "what do you mean theres a chance you
might not make it? are you in trouble?" she asked, her feelings
flaring up inside her.
"uhh, a bit." chris admitted.
"well i'll get jack to help you! i'm sure he can do something!"
Kanako said, "hang tight! and i love you too" she said, hanging up
on him, and contacting Jack.
On the planet, Jacks radio crackled to life.
"Jack! are you there?" Kanako shouted, Jack quickly grabbed the
radio. "keep it down! no need to shout" Jack said quietly. "whats
up?" he asked.
"chris is in trouble! you've gotta help him!" she said, Jack could
sense how she felt for Chris, and instantly contacted the Endymion.
"yo, get yer ass down here, we need an Aistrike, and the gun" he
subvocalised to the modified Mig 25, which sprang to life, and burst
through the hangar doors the moment they were wide enough.
"ok Jay, here's an advanced apology, just in case this doesn't go as
planned." Jack said, hoping the endymion would be clever.
A minute or so later, as the Raven was still being filled, a huge
pillar of yellow smoke could be seen in the distance, and was
quickly closing. The un-manned Mig-25 did a manoever that no human
could do, even with the best inertial dampeners in the universe.
Missiles flew from the wings, into the ground surrounding the 2
custom ships, shrapnel scrathed them both, but nothing of the
zombies were left, The endymion then screamed away, towards the
hidden group, and dropped the Gun (tm) cirtually into Jacks lap.
"ok mate, load up, we've got people to save." he said, the gun
responded by cocking itself.
"guys, if i'm not back in half an hour, consider me and the others
K.I.A" he said, sprinting back the way he came. A surprisingly
small amount of undead were left to defend the cave, those that were
became mincemeat as the Gun emptied flechette rounds into them,
aiming for jack, mostly.
a few minutes later Jack arrived at the cave, and crept in, seeing
Seymour trying to use the GunBlade, but not failing as miserably as
he could. Chris was still tied up, and looked up at Jack, smiling
slightly as he saw The Gun (tm) in his hands. Jack let himself fall
silently to the ground, and aimed the Gun in their general direction.
"ok gun, give me a display of your target, 10 times mag." he said,
as a little screen popped out of the gun, showing a rock a few
metres above Chris's head.
"oops" jack said to himself as he re-adjusted his aim, he could see
the rope chris was tied up with in the crosshairs. "i need a small
slug" Jack said, zooming in again, and fired.
The bullet flew through the rope, freeing Chris, just in time to
dive out of the way of the pirates sword. Jack moved his weapon
over, and took the pirates head clean off his shoulders. Chris
picked up his sword, and gave Seymour a hand against the Hymenoptera
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