Chased by the zombies

The large group of Blue Dwarfers reached the place where Seymour and
Chris were
held captive, only to be greeted with the smiling, drooling,
slavering of a
zombified bug.
"This just gets better and better" Amber said sarcastically ducking
as the bug
webbing at the group. She brushed some of the sticky cobwebs out of
her hair and
fired at
the offending deadie.
*click... clickclick click*
"Oh no..." Amber dropped to the back of the group and reloaded her
<end snip>
Who: Python, CK, Melissa, Johnny, Eric, Efof, Jay, Alota, Phil,
Amber, Seymour, Chris, Jack
Where: Planet of the Dead/Where Seymour and Chris are being held
When: The group are running away from the zombies and they have come
to where Seymour and Chris are being held.
The group continued running. They didn't notice Amber fall behind.
"Great! Now we're covered in this sticky web!" CK said angrily.
"Hopefully, it isn't poisonous!" Jay said.
"We seem to be coming close to the cave now!" Python said.
Johnny noticed there was no sign of Amber. "Hey, does anyone know
where Amber is?" he asked.
The group stopped and looked around.
"Hey, you're right!" Python said. "Let's go and find her!"
"We can't!" CK said. "Otherwise, we will be caught by those
remaining zombies coming this way."
"Oh yeah!" Python said. "Oh well! Looks like we have lost another
crew member! She will be missed!"
All of a sudden, in the distance, Amber came running back. She was
covered in webbing. She had a gun in her hand. She took a few more
headshots at more of the zombies. She ran back to the group.
"Where were you?" Python asked.
"I was caught by that zombie bug!" Amber answered. "Luckily, I shot
it in the chest before it could kill me."
CK noticed the group of zombies come closer. "RUN" he shouted. The
group ran and Amber blasted a few more shots in the zombies heads and
they all dropped to the ground.
"Nice one!" Python said.
"Well, looks like we just have to get to Seymour and Chris now!" CK
The group entered the cave. Jack was continuously shooting at zombie
warriors with The Gun (tm). Chris and Seymour had guns and were
shooting at zombies as well. It looked like Jack, Chris and Seymour
were winning.

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