**Action** The Galaxies only chance for survival

*** I have been given permission to post an action by the man
himself - onion ***
Who: everyone
where: on the surface
when: about now
"Jack, hurry it up, the zombies are trying to take the 'dwarf!"
crackled Jacks radio, Jay's voice blaring through it. This alerted
the zombies below of his presence, while the Devil himself merely
faded into the shadows, and vanished, the Hymenoptera bug leapt up
onto the ledge, where it met its demise at the hands of The Gun (tm).
"come on guys! we're out of time!" Jack yelled, while Chris &
Seymour ran after him. As they reached the cave entrance, they
could see all the crew being chased by the undead horde.
"i think its going to be one of those days..." The Gun (tm) said as
it instinctively loaded up a francium shell. "ready when you are"
it said. Jack just fired it randomly into the horde, throwing bits
of them everywhere, the horde changed its course, and headed for the
"ok, go get the shuttles, we'll circle round." Jack said over the
radio, as he saw the rest of the crew double back to the ships. The
trio turned tail and bravely ran away. circling, as he said they
would, around to the shuttles.
"sorry dude, i can't go on with you like this" Jack said, The Gun
(tm) weighing him down, he ripped the hard drive from the side bay,
pocketed it, and overloaded the energy core as he threw it behind
---meanwhile, at the ships---
"We're too late!" Phil yelled, seeing the devil get into the raven,
and fire off up to the Dwarf. The phoenix, however, was still on the
"no one takes my ship" Jay yelled, getting angry again, images of
the incident that caused the huge dents on it flashed through his
mind, as he cocked his bazookoid, and yelled "CHARGE!!", vaulting
the ledge they were hiding behind. Everyone followed suit,
overwhelming the small force of zombies that had taken the phoenix
easily. It's useful when you've got you're own part GELF's in the
army, Amber and Phil making light work of the nastier undead.
Just as they were ready to take off after emptying the ship of the
remains, the ships radio started up.
"OPEN THE DOORS NOW!!!" Jack yelled, sounding out of breath. Jay
obliged, and opened the back doors, moments later hearing a cry
of "close them now and go!!!"
The ship flared into life, and tore into the atmosphere after
theRaven... with the original GELF on board.
----- on the raven ----
"uhh, sir... we have a ship closing on our position fast" perkins
said, looking horrified at the radar screen.
"Ignore them, just dock with the Mothership. Then we have won"
Satan said, beginning his routine evil laugh.
"AND WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!?!" Jay shouted over the
radio, almost deafening Satan, and interrupting his evil laugh.
Jay's Phoenix, being more manoeverable than the raven sped in front,
and ran circles around it, Perkins, not being a very good pilot,
swerved from side to side, trying to avoid a collision that wasn't
going to happen anyway.
The Raven swerved once too many times, and crashed into the Dwarf,
right next to the hangar bay doors, which were open... The bemused
undead leapt out into the hangar bay, and closed the door for the
two beings that were alive. Perkins and Satan.
"The Universe is MINE!!!" Satan yelled, shattering all the glass
around them, and causing perkins to cower in the corner. Jay & co
landed perfectly in the next hangar bay, and piled out, Jack forced
the hard disk into a slot in a holly terminal, and picked himself a
new weapon as they prepared to take satan on....
The undead army spread out, forcing themselves through air ducts,
spreading out, taking over the ship slowly...

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