Niples "Getting rid of Parents"

Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples + Parents
Where: Docking Bay #9
When: After four long days with his parents
Seymour practically forced his parents through the space terminal.
Docking bay #9 was a single long chute that lead the passengers
directly into a ship-to-planet spacebus, Seymour dropped his parents
baggage near the door and was eager to turn around and leave his
parents to it, the past few days being very embarrassing and
frustrating for him.
"Well I better bid you goodbye, I have lots to do…" he said.
"What exactly DO you do again?" asked his father.
"Erm… well…." Seymour scratched the back of his head.
His mother turned and hugged him in some kind of powerful embrace
that would equal a mighty bear-hug. "Its been so lovely to see you
my Seymour-poos!" She said pathetically.
A crewmember walking past pointed and laughed. "Har har!". Even the
timid looking Perkins who was scurrying past looked and smirked.
Seymour watched him curiously wondering why such a dangerous enemy's
sidekick was now allowed to run around unescorted anywhere on the
ship. His attention was drawn back to his mother who was now cutting
off circulation to his legs.
"Mother the transport will be leaving soon. Thanks for the Christmas
present." He said, indicating the disgusting striped woolly sweater
he was wearing. In truth, he wanted to rip it off and burn it as
soon as she was out of sight.
"Promise me you'll wear it all the time, its cold in space you know!"
"Yes, but there's a modern technology called central heating you
know. "
His mother looked at him forcefully. Seymour caved. "Alright,
alright I will wear it always!"
His father shook his hand and finally his parents boarded the
shuttle. As soon as the large metal bay door slid shut he assumed
the shuttle would be taking off straight away. He quickly took off
the woollen sweater, threw it onto the floor and stomped on it.
He continued to stomp on it until the bay door slid back open again.
His mother stuck her head through. "We'll ring you when we get home
safely dear!" She said before seeing the now-ruined sweater which he
had hidden behind his back.
"Where's the sweater?" She said, suddenly realised he wasn't wearing
it. Seymour thought quickly and threw it backwards where it landed
on Perkins, who just happened to be standing there. The jumper
caught on the small goat-like man's horns.
"That man….thing has nicked my sweater!" He said to his mother in
alarm. She looked shocked.
There was a pause as she looked at him. Seymour turned to look at
"Go chase him! Get it back!" Said his mother.
Seymour turned to chase Perkins, who saw Seymour coming towards him
and ran scared, although had no idea what was happening.
"Stop thief!" Seymour yelled as the goat ran. Unfortunately, Seymour
caught him. He looked back to see that his mother was still
watching. He didn't know what to do next. So he kicked Perkins. The
weak goat fell. Seymour grabbed the jumper back, and held it up to
show his mother.
"Are you going to let him get away with it?" His mother said.
"Erm…." Seymour turned to Perkins and kicked him again. The goat
groaned in pain. "What have I done?!" the pathetic little goat
moaned, starting to cry. Seymour kicked him again to please his
Where: Seymour's Ambassadorial Quarters
Seymour slammed the door behind him. He didn't like what he did to
Perkins, but at the same time didn't really care, he did help to
take over the ship. And really should be facing a prison sentence.
Seymour looked around his quarters. His mother had been cleaning,
which the quarters had really needed. Ever since his personality
transplant, Seymour hadn't enjoyed the look of his quarters anymore,
everything was in an old-fashioned classic style that was very posh.
He threw some doileys away.
"Bah! That's not cool!" he said in disgust.
"Is any of it?" Said a voice behind him. "And was any of it EVER in
fashion? Its all so old!"
He spun around to see Queen Brittany of Britain. The shimmering
wormhole that she used to secretly transport was closing behind her.
He inwardly groaned. The Queen had always annoyed him with her loose
morals and un-queen-like appearance.
"I used to think so." Seymour admitted. "It didn't make me any
friends though, I'm much cooler now though! I had a…"
"Yes a personality transplant I know." Said the Queen. "I have my
sources. So it makes you think you're popular?"
"I am! I'm ace!"
Brittany sniggered. "Okay. It seems to have made you less of a
stiff, but just as much of a twat I see!"
Seymour folded his arms.
"But you're not so ace at keeping me informed. Remember your job as
Royal Ambassador, to keep me informed of Blue Dwarf happenings? You
seem to be neglecting it. Or have you been too busy being cool?"
"Well actually, yes!" Seymour unshamefully admitted.
Brittany rolled her eyeballs. "Okay, well you've got some new orders
coming soon. I thought I'd let you know first."
"Dangerous?" Seymour hoped.
"Yep! Border colonies. They've been having trouble, some mysterious
ships have been hassling their transports. You know, shipments of
food, drink, regular coca-cola shipments etcetera have been
attacked. And they don't know who or what's behind it."
"Sounds dangerous. Sounds great!" Seymour said.
"Very good Seymour! Your new personality IS a great improvement, you
seemed to shy away from danger before… to say the least!"
"Danger is my new middle name!" Seymour admitted.
The Queen waved goodbye and stepped back into a new wormhole.
A second later, Holly appeared on a computer screen edged in a
Victorian wooden picture frame.
"Hello Mister Niples sir!" Said Holly, Seymour being the only person
onboard that he speaks to in title.
"Hi Dude." Said Seymour.
"Erm… have we switched places?" Said Holly.
"What do you want?"
"Meeting in the Drive Room. You're not invited of course, but you
told me to always keep you informed."
"Cheers hol, I know what it's about."

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