Re: Down and out and off the Dwarf

OOC: my name's Adam....
Who: Jack, Keats, Melissa, Amber and Johnny Benjamin Goode
"Hi Amber" Keats chirped happily.
"Whats with the Davey Crockett impression? Have I missed hunting
season again?" She sniped at the pilot.
"This is Quil" He said, hearing it's name the robotic ferret
scampered back down onto Keats shoulder. Amber growled inwardly, a
hundred questions and retorts flashing into her mind, but wanting to
keep her secret was far more important than a snide remark.
"Didn't think you were into that kind of thing, animals and all
that jazz." She said smirking, her eyes darkening again. She fell
into step with her secret husband "Where are you going then? Off to
see your lover back on Terra Firma?" She asked a sly smile on her
Johnny still wasn't in a good mood, even though the very fine scotch
helped a little to smooth his anxieties.
"So Johnny, why would a pilot like yourself get those cybernetic
stuff? That's generally only for security personell." Jack mused,
his right arm linked with Melissa's left arm.
"Well, if ya wanna know, it was to fight the damn GELF and his
smegging undead horde, who trashed my SHIP!!!"
"Oh," Jack replied. "I do find it amazing that no-one else got hurt."
"Jay's such a gordorrfull smegghed, Rio shuldenented haved been
sented on that mishunn." Johnny slurred after he finished the last
drop from the quicky.
Melissa had to stop Jack from backhanding Johnny across the temple,
and Keats had to fight the urge to kick him in the goolies and rip
his nipples off while trying to stop Amber from doing the same.
"I mean, she was one of the beshtest pilotsh we have, er, had."
Johnny was given another quicky bottle, and after a sip he
continued. "Why couldentented Jay have allocay... alook... er...
given somebody elsh the tashk? I mean..."
"Ah, Pizza Hut!" Melissa interupted Johnny's drunken speech, which
had been making the other three feeling very uncomfortable.
"Are you arguing wiv me?" Johnny said.
"Sorry Johnny, I wasn't trying to offend you." Melissa started to
say as she turned around to face Johnny, when she realised that he
was talking to the quicky bottle.
Finding out the second quicky bottle was three-quarters empty, Keats
decided that he wanted it back. "I think that's a bit too much for
anyone to drink in such a short space of time and not do any
permanent damage to themselves."
"But last year, you had more than that three days in a row?" jack
"No I didn't!" Keats protested, but after a few seconds thought, he
remembered. "Oh yeah, that's right! I saw the vid a week later when
I had fully recovered."
The five walked into the Pizza Hut and ordered. Jack, Melissa,
Amber and Keats each ordered their various favourites, while Johnny
ordered three extremely large pizzas - each with a peanut butter
base, onion - lots of onion, pineapple, mushroom, sour cream, ham,
steak and swiss cheese, as well as a large Cocobango thickshake (my
own concoction - coconut, banana and mango).
"Er, sorry sir," the attendant, whose badge read 'Emmarose'*
said, "but we can't fill the order."
"Why not, missh?" Johnny replied.
"We don't have swiss cheese. Will cheddar do?"
While they were waiting for the pizzas to arrive to their table,
Keats was amazed. "Is that your normal order, man?"
"Of course not. I can't read at the moment, so I said the first
stuff that I fourght of."
As Johnny started to drink the non-alcoholic beverage, the alcohol
level of his blood became slightly less dangerous and his brain
started to return to normal.
"Sorry for that outburst, guys." Johnny said as he took the first
bite of his pizza and winced. "It's just been a really hectic couple
of weeks since our last shore leave, and I'm glad we've got some
more, or Imight have really snapped in the middle of nowhere."
"Yeah, it has been a little hard for us all." said Melissa,
remembering Jack's frustration from the loss of Pheonix Fire. (I
hope I remembered it all right guys...)
Johnny took another bite of his first pizza, and didn't wince as
much as the first time. After three more bites, he didn't wince at
all, and after a couple more, started to eat it quickly.
"Oh yeah, this is great food." Johnny spoke through his mouthful of
"Mine's not bad either." Keats said. "These (insert Keat's favourite
topping here) are really good."
footnote - *my wife, Emmarose, works for Pizza Hut here in Aus,
albeit as a driver, so feel free to make my character _try_ to chat
the attendant up.

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