**Action** "Untimely Demise"

Who: All Senior Staff and Captain Alota
Where: Meeting Room
A meeting of the senior staff was held. Seymour turned up just as it
was about to start.
"Never fear, I'm here!" He announced.
Alota slammed the door in his face. "Okay people, we've been ordered
to the Border Colonies, where they've been experiencing some unknown
attacks. We're going to Wormhole Jump there in an hour, so make sure
everyone is back on Earth that needs to be, and all crewmembers
taking a holiday should get back here ASAP."
Seymour opened the door and peered in at this stage.
"Can I just ask- What's happening to this Perkins chap? The little
half goat demon thing? Can we arrest him, it makes me nervous having
half of an evil duo that tried to destroy Earth just walking free
around the ship."
A few ideas were called out. Alota threw her hands up in the air in
fustration. "Just send him down to Mining or something, make him
shovel a few tonnes of iron ore into the furnace. That'll teach him."
-----An hour later-----
The Blue Dwarf jumped into Border Colony space. It was a dark area,
with only one far away sun. Scattered camps of humans lived on the
many planets below, life out here was remote but peaceful.
Something dark moved in the shadow of one of the closest planets. It
moved closer to the Blue Dwarf and attached itself to the underside,
the area in shadow. It ripped some hull plating and found its way
-----Training Exercise---
Who: Phil Febuggure and security team
Where: Near Security office and Armoury
When: 30 minutes later
An alarm siren rang, it had been continuing to ring for 10minutes
beforehand. A security team scurried around, rushing in and out of
the ship's armoury, some barely dressed and looking scruffy, some
with basic security armour hanging off them, most gripping guns they
had just grabbed, but one security officer who looked half asleep
had grabbed a mop by mistake. He went back into the Armoury and
returned with a proper weapon.
All the security officers lined up in formation in front of Phil
Febuggure, who stood there with his arms folded. Mini-Phil lined up
next to him.
Phil tutted. "Disgraceful!" He said. "That took 27.8 minutes to get
fully kitted up! What if we were under attack again? No wonder the
zombies did so much damage, and no wonder we took such a battering
from the Pirates and the Hymenoptera the last few times." The
security chief walked up and down the line. He paused at someone who
had their bullet-proof armour hanging off, and MP who had a
cullinder on his head.
"And you're not even properly dressed! We're in dangerous territory
here; we need to do better if we're attacked. I want everyone
assembled and ready to fight in less than 10 minutes! Everybody
"Sir yes sir!" Chanted the security grunts.
"Okay, now lets practise that again!"
Who: Efof Yuwan'Kar
Where: Parrotts bar
When: After closing time
Efof swept the floor. He joyfully whistled a happy tune, although he
was very bored and annoyed. "humans are so messy!" he
complained. "On my planet everyone tidies up after themselves!" but
nobody was listening, or so he thought.
Something moved behind him. Efof turned around. "Who's there? Okay
okay, very funny, stop messing about!" He checked behind the bar,
then peered under the tables in the corner.
"Jack, if that's you… the bar's closed! You'll have to do without
alcohol tonight, I know it's difficult…."
He checked the back room behind the bar. "Dante if that you… or
Python… stop messing about now…"
He turned around and looked something straight in the face.
"Oh my god! No!" He reached for a bottle of vodka on the bar, but
something pierced his chest. He gasped for breath, but he was lifted
up and thrown across the room. He hit a pool table which broke as he
hit it. Efof slid down the broken table, bleeding profusely. He
looked down to see that a pool cue had pierced his chest, right next
to the already existing hole. One by one, pool balls rolled down and
hit him on the head, when the 8-ball hit him, he lost consciousness.
----------The next day---------
Who: Alota Chrysler and the entire crew
Where: The Promenade
When: Midday
A lot of solemn faces were gathered on the promenade. The Captain
was stood on a raised platform next to a coffin covered with a Space
Core Flag.
"Efof was the first alien I ever met…. And my favourite. Efof was
always a happy, kind and caring person. He came from a perfect
world, he was used to paradise, but after it was destroyed he found
a home here." She pointed around. "We all know this is barely a
paradise, but I never saw him ever complain, I never saw him with
even so much as a frown on his face. Efof is was a good example of
how I think we should all live our lives, to be tolerant of other
people…. To get on with everyone…. To always enjoy life, no matter
what has happened to you. Efof went before his time, something on
this ship took his life away horribly." A tear came to her eye. "Now
Security Chief Phil Febuggure wanted to say a few words."
Phil stepped up to the podium.
"We have a killer on this ship. Something, something we don't
believe is human is loose on the ship. I urge everyone to issue
caution, it has already killed once, and will no doubt try to kill
again. Security are dealing with this threat, and searching the ship
systematically, and guarding certain key areas. But unfortunately we
are stretched thin, this ship is huge and there are a lot of places
for something to hide. I am asking for volunteers to help catch this
thing before it kills again."
There was muttering in the crowd as people volunteered.
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