Keeping safe

Back on the 'Dwarf, the now not so hungry group split to go back to
their rooms, Jack had already heard about Efof's death, and thus was
hurrying Melissa back to their room.
"Come on! You'll be safer if we get back to our room." Jack said,
pushing Melissa along faster.
"Ok! i know, but you we don't need to go so fast!" Melissa protested.
Jack relinquished his force. "sorry love, but i wouldn't be able to
live with myself if anything happened to you." he said, slowing down
their travels. "aww" melissa moaned, stopping to hug him. "I love
you too, but i feel safe when i'm with you." Melissa said, this
bringing a smile once again to Jacks face.
"come on, we need to get back" Jack said, as a shadow crept up the
corridor behind them. Jack turned to look behind them. "Smeg!" he
swore. "Go!" he shouted "I'll keep whatever it is here long enough
for you to get to safety" he said, standing against the wall, and
pulling his knife. Melissa stood there "I won't leave you" she
said. But Jack wasn't having any of it. "GO!" he shouted, Making
Melissa jump, she turned tail and ran.
Jacks heart beat faster, faster. Melissa's footsteps were getting
fainter and fainter as she ran. The shadow came round the corner,
and just as Jack was going to throw his arm out to stab it, Severn
walked round the corner.
"WOAH!" he shouted, ducking the blade, which Jack stopped just in
"sorry man, bit on edge since Efof's death" Jack said.
"no worries dude, just... be more careful in future" severn replied,
and Jacks heart slowed down again, until he thought of Melissa once
more, which was less than a second after putting his knife away.
"sorry man, gotta go!" Jack said, running full speed towards their
room, he got there, and opened the door, to see Melissa sat on the
sofa, with a mug of coffee in her hands, and another one on the
coffee table. He sat next to her, and smiled. "We'll be safer
here, i don't want you to go anywhere unless you're with someone,
not until we catch whoever, or whatever this is." Jack said, putting
his arm over her shoulder.

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