Something else is missing.

Who: Dante.
Where: Security.
When: A week after Satan was killed.
Dante sat in security staring sadly into his monitor at his security
station. His desk had collected a lot of dust over the months that he had
been missing. Dante sighed as a spider ran across his desk. Dante was sad,
sadder than he had ever been before, well over the last few months any way.
Other than the two most recent battlefields the only thing fresh in his mind
was his love for the missing Aurora. He had searched the security database
and found the only remain file ob her, the one security keep on every JMC
member, even if they leave just in case they come back. All that was left
was a name and picture. Dante stared. And as he did so a single tear rolled
down his cheek. Although Dante wasn't renowned for his hacking skills but
JMC wasn't exactly renowned for its software security protocols. Charlie had
tried to teach Dante some little bits incase it came in handy. Dante moved
the cursor over the word POSTED in the section titled CURRENT LOCATION.
A windows box appeared "Level 5 Security Clearence Required" Dante clicked
cancel and the box disappeared. "Returned to Canada on Authority of Callum
Kochanski." Dante read aloud the brief wording that was now on the screen
but it was enough thats all he needed to know. Dante had to choices, 1, get
off Blue Dwarf now and go to canada to find his love or 2, get Callum and
make him pay. Out of the corner of his eye Dante caught a glimpse of his
window. As Dante starred out of his window the size of the bottom of a pint
glass, he could see earth getting steadily smaller. "Only one choice then."
He thought to himself. Dante did not see the new window that had opened up
on his monitor as he walked out of his office gun in tow. The small message
telling him that the was a unidentified creature or something on the ship
killing the crew's funniest little people off one by one. But it didn't
matter that much they weren't to important. lol.
<Tag to any one who wants to catch Dante in a BAD MOOD, not the best idea
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