The killer strikes Python

Who: Python, Perkins
Where: Control Room
When: The Next Morning
Python was still busy repairing machinery in the control room. CK
was busy so Python had to work unsupervised. Perkins was there,
holding all of Python's tools. Perkins was annoying Python.
"Python, why do you always make me carry all this stuff?" Perkins
"Because, for the last time, that is your job!" Python said, sounding
incredibly irritated.
"I wish I never joined this crew now." Perkins complained. "All I
seem to be is a slave for everyone on this ship."
"Why did you ask to join the crew, you annoying little beast?" Python
"I had nothing to do!" Perkins answered.
"Oh, I wish we had shot you, afterall!" Python said.
"Thats not very nice!" Perkins said, and then went into a long rant
about 'being nice'.
Python started huffing, he was so angry and wound up. He was still
slowly trying to work. He accidenly cut a wire and sparks flew out.
He completley lost his temper, "SHUT UP, YOU STUPID, ANNOYING LITTLE
Perkins went silent. He then spoke, "Fine, I'll go away!"
He shook all the tool bags off his back and left the control room.
"Stupid beast" Python said to himself.
He continued to work. He then heard the sound of steps. He stopped
working, to listen closely. He heard the steps again.
"Perkins, is that you?" He asked.
He stood up and he looked around. He then looked down. He saw a
wierd creature. The creature looked very evil.
He yelled, "HELP!"
The creature pulled a bunch of wires out of the machine and hit
Python with them. Python got a severe electric shock and was thrown
across the room. Python was knocked unconscious.
Who: Python
Where: Sickbay
When: Later
Python woke up. He was in serious pain, from the electric shock. He
couldn't move. He looked around and found he was in a bed, in
sickbay. He thought for a while and then realised that he was
attacked by the same monster which killed Efof.

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