The Keats's Kick ass!

OOC- Ahha! you thought we'd forgotten, you thought we didnt care! But
no! We strike again! The Keats's come forth and bring the real
meaning to the phrase 'odd couple'
who: Amber, Keats, Maybe some random others
where: On the Dwarf
when: After Mini-Phils funeral
Amber thumped her fist against the wall in her quarters, the metal
wall didn't give and Amber growled as her hand began to bruise.
"I'm gonna kill the smegger who did this"
She said fixing a holster for her gun over the t-shirt she was
wearing. Keats watched from the doorway as his 'wife' kitted herself
out with various guns and a set of wicked looking knives.
'I know what your going to say, and the answers no. Im not going
to "cool it" or "relax" im going to rip what ever this thing uses for
genitalia off and set fire to them'
John ever so slightly crossed his legs.
'Actually.. i was going to say... i mean.. i was going to volunteer
to help track it down.. and i was wondering if you... you know..
wanted to join up together like.. and maybe get some dinner
afterwards... perhaps?'
A slight smile crossed Ambers face.
"You marry me and then aske me out. You know John you can be quite
sweet sometimes"
The two rings on the chain around her neck became very obvious to her
for a moment, but it passed as she looked up at John and threw him a
semi automatic pistol.
"Lets get going"
John smiled, "Progress" he thought to himself. He caught the gun and
placed it in his jacket pocket alongside the other, more archaic one.
Quil was hiding deep in his jacket, almost as if he was scarred of
Amber. John Keats had kitted himself out in his usual attire of an
old twentieth century flightsuit plus the INT-Armour jacket
underneath, providing protection from most light weapons. Tho, after
recalling Mini Phils cadavre, it would be as effective as ship issue
toilet paper.... The blackness in her eyes was still more pronounced
than usual. She stalked out of her quarters and headed for the crime
"So where do you want to take me out for dinner?" She asked smirking
"On a piltos wages like ours im guessing no where fancy"
John thought about that for a second, it was true, pilots got some of
the more horrendous pay cuts in all departments.
'Youl see, its quite a nice little place, i go there often'
'Rrrright... well as long as its not the McDonalds again i guess its
ok, so how do you feel about the two kilings so far?'
John stopped a second. He hadnt really ever stopped to think about it
much, things happend, people died, but until now it had never really
been anyone he knew.
'I... Im not sure... although i know one thing, if whoever.. or
whatever it is strikes again... its going to be breathing through a
new hole!' He put his hand on the archaic pistol and gripped the
handle tightly.
'You know.. that would be more threatening if your chest wasnt
twitching...' John patted the bulge, Quilibet was getting restless.
Amber looked away from Keats and spoke again
"That thing, whoever, whatever it is killed Mini-Dad and it's gonna
pay for it. It can bea sixty foot slavering Bug for all I care, it's
still gonna die. Slowly"
She gripped the pistol under her jacket. John was quiet for a moment,
he knew that if there was anyone on board who could take on a sixty
foot bug it was Amber... or possibly Dante...
'Hey, why are we going to the ccrime scene anyways? do you think
there will be any clues to his killer?'
"I just think the best place to start, is from the beginning. I mean,
correct me if i'm wrong."
'Good point... and talking of points' Keats nodded towards a door
that had opend. A nervous looking Jack emerged, he looked up briefly
at John and tried to walk the other way.
'Hey Jack! Where you off to?'
'Oh, me? nothing... nothing at all' he looked at the two of them,
especially at Amber.
'And what about you? your tooled to fight a war!'
"Yes Jack I am. Thats because some unfeeling gimboid has killed Mini-
Dad and i'm gonna cause some serious hurt on his ass." Amber growled
at Jack.
'Yeah, were going to sign up to help track it down'
The Keats looked at each other.
'Its a coincidence... thats all' Amber answerd 'You wanna get some
'Yeah Jack, aint Mini Phil like, your brother or something?'
'Well.. yeah but... you know.. Melissa and all...'
'Ok big guy, no worries... catch ya later!'
They headed off towards the crime scene, following the stench of
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