[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Recovering the Losses (1/3)'

(This is something I have been working as I was unwilling to let go of the mercenaries for the moment. This is outside of the Blue Dwarf storyline and concerns know of the Blue Dwarf crew.)
Some hellhole of a bar
Two days after the destruction of the Black Nova
Bob Harris and Nester sat at the table struggling to cough up enough for their drinks. A waitress stood waiting and she taping her foot against the floor. They searched through every pocket and every possible place but they still came up short.
"Either you pay up or you're washing up!" The waitress snapped.
"Here." Said a woman as she dropped enough cash to pay off Bob's and Nester's bill. She was dressed in a long black coat and wore a bandanna on top of her head with her long dark hair fastened behind back.
As soon as the waitress gathered up the cash and had left Bob commented. "You're late, Davina!"
"Sorry boss, the Clarkson Brethren tired to reclaim their leader." The woman now identified as Davina sat down.
"So Davina." Nester said. "What is the Matrix?"
"Nester, it wasn't funny the first time! It wasn't funny the eighth time and it still isn't funny!" Davina snapped at Nester. "And you better keep your hands to yourself!"
"What are you saying?" Nester said, sounding not very innocent at all.
"You've been warned!" Davina told Nester.
"I take it you got the money." Bob said.
"Yea." Davina answered. "But it isn't enough to get a new ship."
"What'll we do now?" Nester asked.
"We need a ship!" Bob stated.
"There's a ship arriving here in two days." Davina told the two. "The Edwards, Interceptor class Cruiser."
Bob smiled and asked. "Do you have a plan?"
"The Edwards is stopping here for some R and R so it will only be a skeleton crew aboard." Davina stated. "All we need are the security codes, a way to get aboard and we can make the crew think that the ship's reactor is about to blow and when they leaveĀ…"
"We have ourselves a new ship." Bob said and then he asked Davina, already knowing the answer. "But how do we get the codes. "
"This is the part of the plan I am very reluctant about." Davina commented. "I believed the last time I did this was to be the last time!"
"When you joined us I told you that we all had to do things we didn't like." Bob told Davina.
Two days later
"Take the bandanna off." Bob told Davina as she tugged at the bottom of the dress, knowing that it showed too much of her legs for her liking.
"Promise me that this is the last time!" Davina told Bob harshly as she untied the knot that held on the bandanna and removed it.
"Davina." Bob started. "I promise nothing."
"I'd rather be bring in another sim then doing this!" Davina stated.
"Remember the problems we had bring that sim in!" Bob said. "We lost three good men and in the end we could only bring back the head and we made the mistake of leaving it with Nester!"
"Why would anyone want to remove a sim's eye with a corkscrew?" Davina asked, tugging at the bottom of the dress again.
"I still want to know what he's done with that eye." Bob said. "Davina, give me the knife!"
Davina moaned and removed the knife from its' hiding place and then handed it to Bob.
"And the other one!" Bob told her.
Davina just muttered harshly as she removed the second knife and handed that one to Bob.
"You are to drug him, not kill him!" Bob told her.
"Last time I used those drugs it took ten minutes before they started to work!" Davina told him.
"You came up with this plan and know you are going to follow its' course of action till the end like the rest of us!" Bob told her. "We need a ship and you yourself told us that we can't afford to buy one so we are left with the only other course of action that is open to us."
Back in the bar
Nester watched as JMC uniforms in the bar. Looking for a pair that was roughly the same size as he and Bob were but he had yet to see anyone that was a match. They were also too tall or short, too fat or thin. At this rate he would have to grab the nearest matches he could get and then grab a tailor to alter the uniforms so they'll fit.
Nester got up from the table and made his over to the bar and he caught sight of a man, middle-aged, in JMC uniform with the rank of captain. 'Ah, Nester throught to himself, 'the captain of the Edwards.'
He turned on the com disguised as a press stud on his jacket only to discover that he had the wrong stud, that or someone has been messing with his buttons, and quickly fiddled with the correct stud. The he said very quietly as not to draw any attention his way. "Nester here."
"What?" Bob's voice came in reply over the com.
"The captain's here!" Nester explained.
(To be continued)

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